A gesture of Salute – Regina Sekhar

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Author : Regina Sekhar
Company : Allianz
Email : regina.sekhar@allianzcornhill.co.in

A gesture of Salute

Will considerate be a synonym
For the gentleman I salute,
Notorious for his determination
This is the man I esteem!

For I Salute the mascot
Of his charm and gracious engrained
Embraced with care and amity
Is his mark of affluence?

Obstinate being his attitude
Scripts him a prominent personality
Daring his verdicts
Voices the extraordinary in him.

Indeed! Grim to conclude
Absurd at times
With his elegant proposals
Declares him a leader.

Verses outline his defiance
Asserted with actions
Abrupt at judgements
Brands him an absolute monarch.

Monsieur (məˈsjɜː(r)) I salute
The gratitude honoured in you!
Incredible clout
Grasps the master in you!