A letter – Jitty Joseph

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Author     : Jitty Joseph
Company : Infosys
Email        : jittyjoseph@gmail.com

                                                                                             A letter


One day I was searching for something in our shelf. I saw one letter which is addressed to my mother. It was long ago people cease sending letter. In our house also I have seen some LIC policy reminder letter only since we got the telephone connection years back. Out of curiosity I took that letter. I was not aware it will give me something which I treasure for the life time.

The letter was from my papa written to my mom. I was about to fold it back since it is their personal belonging. But suddenly I saw my name in that letter. papa was asking about me. He was asking to mom “how is jitty mol.? Does she remember ‘Papa’? Tears were start rolling down my cheeks. From miles away he is enquiring about his first daughter.  He was working at Maharashtra at that time. He couldn’t spend much time with his baby. From the depth of his heart he was asking whether his daughter remember him or not. A cry stuck on my throat. I don’t know whether it is a cry of happiness of feeling his affection. I don’t know whether it is a cry of feeling guilty for not loving him to the extent he poured his love on me.  I am not sure whether it is a feel of self esteem for being his first child, reason for his happiness of being a father. But one thing I know for sure and I want to tell it my papa now “I love you my papa”.