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Author :  Rohini Madhu
Company : Infosys Limited
Email : rohini.nair85@gmail.com

A rainbow in the sky

The shocking news about the cold blooded murder that happened on the previous day took me aback while I was casually scanning through the newspaper headlines that morning. I was glued to the photograph of the lady escorted by the police. My hands and legs went numb and I stood there for a while holding the newspaper with trembling hands.

Neena and I were classmates while we were pursuing the engineering degree. Her mature and amicable character acquainted herself with other students in a short span of time. She got a job in an IT firm after her studies and her parents married her off to a well-educated boy. She led a happy and contended life and gave birth to a cute little girl, Ameya. One by one our classmates got married and as we got along with our busy life we slowly retreated into our own shells.

As I saw Neena’s photograph in the newspaper I couldn’t decipher as to what made her conspire into killing her own little daughter. The media celebrated the news in full vigor. Headlines in the newspaper and television covered all the minute details of the incident. Pictures of Neena carrying her child and Ameya’s lifeless body after the murder were shared in the social networking sites. A violent mob attacked the murderer when he was brought to his workplace by the investigation team. Few local politicians and public took this opportunity to blame the lifestyle of the IT professionals, upon which the IT professionals blasted back in forums and social networking media that such incidents could happen in almost all spheres of life.

That night as I lay in my bed millions of thoughts ran through my mind. I couldn’t make out what had happened to Neena in doing such a heinous crime. Was it because of the negligence from her family that made her engage in such a relationship that led to this tragic end? How could a mother help someone in taking the life of her own child? Did little Ameya call for her mother’s help when her mother’s boyfriend brutally stabbed her tender body? Nowadays are we losing the sanctity of parenthood?

Days passed by. The media started focusing on the LokSabha election and its results. Now nobody cares about Neena and Ameya. But the photograph of the lifeless body of little Ameya still lingers in the eyes of the people who knew her.


After Ameya’s death, Yamaraj carried her and proceeded towards heaven. Ameya saw a tall handsome gentleman standing at the entrance of heaven. Yamaraj told Ameya that the gentleman at the entrance was the GOD.

GOD: “Welcome Ameya”

Ameya said with a cute smile – “Thank you GOD. I have seen people praying before you to keep them healthy and wealthy. I too had prayed to protect me from trouble. But why didn’t you save me when that uncle stabbed me? Do you know how painful it was when the knife cut me right through my stomach? I cried loudly and fell unconscious.”

GOD replied in a low voice – “That was your destiny, my child. By the way, you are a very innocent girl and that is why I decided to offer heaven for you. Your previous life has come to an end and you are going to step into a new life. Tell me dear child, whom do you wish to be in your next life?”

Ameya eagerly said with beseeching eyes -”GOD, will you make me an angel? An angel who has the power to sow the seeds of selfless love into the hearts of people”

GOD asked: “That is a strange wish. What makes you think so, dear child?”

The little girl said in a stern voice – “Dear God, I feel true love is getting depleted from the world nowadays. We need to replenish it at the earliest so that no other kid in this world will have to suffer any more atrocities like what had happened to me”.

GOD said loudly: “You are such a lovely kid, my dear. You will be born again as an angel at the moment when the whole people in this world eradicate hatred from their minds.”


Ameya is still patiently awaiting to pursue her new life.

Dear readers, let us sincerely work together as our deeds on this earth will be counted and that will act as the deciding factor to determine whether Ameya should be granted a second life or not.


PS: A part of the story is based on a real life incident. I dedicate this humble piece of work to that little angel. May her soul rest in peace.