A Techie Love Letter – Mithun Menon

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Author     :   Mithun Menon
Company :  D+H Solutions India Private Limited
Email       :  mithun.menon@dh.com

A Techie Love Letter


To my Valentine,

The moment I see you enter the front door, I feel my heart is pounding on the floor

When you walk across me without even a glance, I grant myself time to wait for yet another chance

It would be wrong to say that I don’t care; I can sing a song to show how much I care

I might not get a single rose today, but all my roses are for you every day

Of all the faces that passed me like different screens, you’re the one that gave me Full HD dreams

When I look into your eyes, you make me feel I’m on Arctic ice

You know I wanna take you for a Subway lunch, how I wish I could give you at least a 5 rupee munch

Watching you walk from Nila to Leela, feels like watching Rangeela and Ram Leela

I might not be a Core I7 man, but I can definitely love you with 8GB RAM

You might think my love is just 256 KB, not too long before you feel it is over 1 TB

You are so much like custom software, created by god’s own care

That I wanna make my own, even if I have to take a loan

I don’t need a UAT, to make sure you’ll work for me; I can give you a warranty, that you’ll need no AMC

If you think I’m goanna crash with ease, take it from me, I’m not Chinese

If you’re turning me down without any pyaar (love), I’ll come back to you requesting a CR.

All of my life, I’ve fixed so many bugs, but for this one, all I need is your hugs.

When you’re busy in times of release, I wanna make you feel it is done with ease.

I know the time is about to be noon, and I wanna know, will you be mine soon.

Can’t wait to feel you in my hand, like India went from dialup to broadband.

Yours always……………