A tool to navigate social media without getting smitten developed by dotmach, technopark

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Social tools such as Twitter and Facebook are often said to waste, rather than save, time in a work environment.

But not with Dotmach, the eponymous online work management tool developed by a company (www.dotmach.com) based in Technopark here.


Sibi Mustafa, business development officer of the company, told Business Line here that the tool is designed to ‘transform the way people collaborate and communicate within a team.’

Social tools and other features may be integrated in Dotmach, but they do not lead waste of any productive time.

Studies have proved that ‘engaged employees’ are more productive than the ‘overwhelmed’ ones. “Dotmach keeps employees engaged and make them feel less overwhelmed,” Mustafa said.


Explaining, he observed that while people love to work as a team, managing the workflow is not that easy for anyone.

People use different applications such as emails; chat applications; project management tools; and content-sharing tools for managing the workflow. This results in scattered contents and conversations.

To manage all these applications one needs to shift from one to another but resources get scattered in different applications. People won’t be able to remember who said what, when and where. This ‘app-to-app’ shifting process results in waste of time and productivity loss.



Mustafa and colleagues also did the same until they found an opportunity in building a unified application. “We developed a simple yet powerful solution as we didn’t want to annoy people with cumbersome software,” he says. Dotmach is developed with an idea to bring the whole work resources to a single place.

It unifies features such as social interaction; content collaboration; team chat; task management; and event organising on a single platform.

Social interaction features such as like thanks, polls, ideas, status, like and comments keep the employees motivated and engaged during their work.


Within one month after the launch, the Dotmach client base has already crossed four-digits, Mustafa informs. Dotmach is now a web-based PC application. Android and iOS versions will be launched soon.

“We are launching audio, video and group communication support to enable conduct of office meetings from anywhere in the world,” he said.

A ‘developer API’ (application programming interface) to enable clients bring Dotmach’s services to their applications is also in the works. A ‘Kanban’ (just-in-time production enabler) will strengthen Dotmach’’s project management feature, Mustafa added.