Abandonment – Soumya Hari

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Author      : Soumya Hari
Company : Tata Consultancy Services Ltd

Until a few weeks back, I felt so sure, so solid,
Behind your shadow, I stood so tall, so strong
With you gone, I feel so small, so weak,
It’s a tough battle, I feel so little.

My feelings for you, you may never care
I feel numb and dumb, angry and hurt,
When I need a mother, you aren’t there,
To hear my woes or to touch my heart

Your voice rings in ears, like the murmur of the sea
The eyes still see you, behind the ocean of tears
And I smile, longing for the comfort of your warmth
And in a second I feel trapped, torn, tormented

Even years later, my heart may not heal
Forever my mind would carry the dizzy feel
The anger in me, the rages and fright
May never ever heal, no matter what

They say time heals, I know it wouldn’t
Time has flown, the wound hasn’t
Every time I try, to bring a real smile
It hurts and I cry, and I don’t know why.

I think of it, I tell myself a lie,
I’ve got over it, I would not ever cry,
Then I think of how my life would’ve been
And streaks of tears run down my cheeks

You’re my mother and I hardly know you
The truth leaves a scar, forever in my life,
However hard you try, you cannot forget
A mother who hurts kids, will soon come to regret!