An ode to the Ancient Wisdom – SAUMYA SARA ROY

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An ode to the Ancient Wisdom

The wise old tree looked down, smiling benignly
At the inquisitive little eyes looking up in wonder;
Knowing the question in the eyes of the little child
The old tree spoke, from the depths of its heart

Come, my childe, glory in the shade of my wisdom.
I shall teach thee the wisdom of yore and secrets of the morrow.
My instructions are priceless and timeless.
And I teach all alike, old or young, fair or dark, lady or lord.
Thou shall learn to fall and to not fear.
To get up and to bow your head in humility.
Come hither, and listen carefully then.
Underneath this soil, lies the soul of yesteryears, the memories of days gone by.
Your history, your heritage, lies within.
Look around, take that which is yours;
Learn from what is not to be yours.
Everyday bringeth a change;
Change that the heart seeks, and sometimes wishes not.
Embrace it; and seek to be the change around you.
Let me also tell ye this:
Things change; people and places change.
But place your feet firmly in the ground.
And let your values and principles take root in the depths of your character.
This, my son, is unbecoming of us, to laugh at the plight of others.
For, unbeknownst to us, the wheels of fortune change.
What today is ours, becomes another’s.
Therefore, help, without expecting;
And give, without questioning.
May thy heart be content always.
And thine riches be enough and your needs few.
Now what’s in a teacher’s heart, in my heart, it is thus.
That my wards not just thrive where they are,
But blossom into flowers, spreading their fragrance to all.
That they offer their branches for the birds to rest, their shade for the weary;
That they not follow the vices and temptations of a young world.
But act with the wisdom of ages.
That they find their strength within and not lose hope to live.
And when trouble beckons, that they raise their eyes to the heavens.
Their help shall come from the one who created the Heaven and earth.

Hand in branch still, oblivious to the tested and true knowledge of life
The little child went back to his play under the watchful eyes of the wise old tree.

–Trees are Nature’s teachers- Sacred guardians to an ancient but timeless wisdom, Guides to the ways of Man. This is a poem written in tribute to a silent but revered creation of Nature-