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Author : Sushree Snehaja Biswal
Company : IIITM-K
Email :


Freedom, Freedom, Freedom, I was wandering with freedom
With no hope, no ambition .
Suddenly I found myself in a place resembling to a prison .

Then I started to grow , from a zygote to an embryo,
Then the embryo became a fetus.
The place no more felt like a prison
But the placenta hindered my freedom making my limbs useless.

One day I felt the urge to be free,
It seemed like the nature was helping me.
Finally I came out with a loud cry, celebrated my victory over darkness
Bringing the world a moment of glee.

My celebration stopped, victory faded
When I heard my grandma’s wail,
My daydream broke,
I realised the absence of Y-chromosome in me
That makes me a worthless girl.

The soul became desperate for freedom
And I started to crawl, then I could walk
But the soul could not fly as the girl
Had to be watchful of her innocent steps
Still I remember, though it happened long back.

Then the girl started to dream
To outweigh the world, to touch the zenith.
The society seemed to be ominous
And always sent someone to remind
That freedom for a girl is a myth.

The body of the soul seemed to grow
Eventually the dreams became larger,
Then she felt everything turning hostile.
The malign looks made her scary.
Time passed, the zenith seemed farther.

Still the soul decided to chase her dreams
Bare feet started to bleed, she bruised her knees,
Then the handcuff came in disguise of bangles
The anklet chained her pulling from behind
The soul screamed, the joy started to cease.

The body which blessed the soul with dreams

Now seemed to be a burden

The cage turned into a hell

The soul started to choke

starving for eternal liberation.

One morning the soul woke up

Found her wings grow like a bird

Now feeling elated it started

Exploring, conquering the challenging world

It flew high into the sky upward.

Ahh! I forgot the soul was me.

Then the unthinkable happened.

I am a free bird flying solo

Desperate to reach the heights,

Invade the depths of life at the end.

Now I am really free as I have dreams

Yet nothing like an earthly body to bind

You can’t touch me, harm me,

I am far from reach being invincible

Now celebrating the moment of pride.

Now no wish left unfulfilled, all dreams realised,

Let me celebrate the joy of liberation

Now I am vague, I am abstract

I am very close to my salvation.