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Benefits, Longevity and Life after IT Job

Name : Anu Anie Alex
Company : NeST
Email :

Long time ago, all the needs of people was accustomed in food, water and shelter. As the time passed, the needs started to grow and it emerged to be larger than the unobserved star. Growing in a mysterious ratio and with the growth transpire experiments, from the invention of fire, to an artificial intelligent OS. All came into picture under this very own sky. Creator made the world and we gave a definition to it and talking about the IT professionals they are the soul to the emerging world connecting the First one to the elderly.

Buying designer clothes is as important as having the best app to help us buy the same like a chill out star from home. As it is now paramount, to match the Trending software to our social life as people are more on cyber space then in reality. I, me and myself are very much into this IT life. It was a kind of dream everyone wakes up with. To work in some MNC, create software to embedded systems, to provide a living factor to the Non-living one.  And after completing graduation, everyone with a little caliber gets in this IT field. But to succeed in it, it requires a combination of both beauty plus brain. It can only be an IT professional who can be glamorous plus work like a geek when required.

It is better to light a candle then to curse the darkness. Life of an IT employee can range from the best to the worst. Managing cooperates and personal life is not everyone’s cup of tea. At some or other point of life people take a sit back from the IT field and concentrate only on the personal life as that is what everyone gives preference too, but what if we learn to manage both. What if the IT professionals know that, it’s not only the number of hours you should put up with, it should be the quality of hours. Working from morning 8 to evening 8, stressing, pushing to the limit is not what anyone expects from software professional. If we can build such a high performance living system then why can’t we manage the time and work at office to manage the work at home.

It’s not only the people that should put an effort with, the regularization that should be implemented within the company. Allocation of a set of task to a person to be completed should be estimated by the company beforehand and then it should be employee duty to complete the set of task within 4 or 10 hours. There should not be estimation on the no. of hour’s one work but on the quality of hours worked. Working and managing home in this field is tough but if we get to manage our personal life with it then we will have a nation everyone imagines and our India could rise to the zenith in software field.

If we take up the statistic then only 20% of the companies provide such a working experience. It’s like the working hours in most companies from 8 to 5. All they require is to work hard during those hours and spend a leisure time at home. As only a fresh mind can create such high standard software’s. Working late never give any benefits to anyone, unless there is quality in it. It’s not like the rest 80%, in which people comes at morning 8, read news paper then have a grand tea, lunch and brunch and work in-between. If we want to manage our home and continue the job simultaneously then we need to manage the work at office too. Let the no long life in IT jobs be just a mere illusion.

The growth of software field has no limits, it’s unbounded. There are so many things to be redefined, so many which still haven’t been thought of. It gives you benefits in every aspect. It’s a fortune gainer to the luxury winner. It provides with the quality of life you wish for yourself and your children’s then why not give some it some ravishing change so that people enjoy it all stages of life. Let it not be a burden but an opportunity, making systems that will make life worthwhile at all scenarios. As important, is a doctors intelligence, to save a patient life, so it the machines that he use to perform the task. So, conquer your dream and live for what you have worked hard for so long and prove “dreams can also be reality”.