Benefits, Longevity and Life after IT Job – Lyna Nishi Michal

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Benefits, Longevity and Life after IT Job

Author : Lyna Nishi Michal
Company : Phykon
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There has always been this curiosity to peer into the lifestyle behaviors of a techie. Some believe they deserve a room for betterment as an individual. I would like to probably develop a framework on the mindset of a professional. Establishing a rhythm in all senses is hectic. Technology has always been a two-sided coin posing beneficial in some circumstances and outspreading its ill-effects on others.

Let us take a quick tour into the benefits after IT job. A strong base in communication is an essential spice to excel in all spheres of life. Conveying the right ideas to people at the right time holds a top priority. One attains organizational and leadership skills thereby encouraging new societal programs. To combat the fast moving world, learning new concepts at a better pace is a challenge. Confidence to deal with different situations and overcoming obstacles are achievements on credit. Maintaining a non-critical financial budget in par with today’s cost of living definitely deserves a special mention.

An average skilled professional is aware of the health risks associated with his job profile. He strives hard to maintain a strict balance between work and life. Taking brisk walks around green fields, using the stairs instead of an elevator are mild forms of exercise to keep the body alive and healthy. Some engage themselves in health clubs before or after work hours. One maintains a check on the daily calorie intake and hence balances his/her dietary habits accordingly. Recreational activities such as listening to music, reading, yoga, meditation are some techniques adopted to reduce stress. Professionals participate in health awareness programs and blood donation camps organized in and around their campuses which is a high sense of their motivational skills.

Techies taking a break during weekends by hanging out with friends and family. They respond positively to social commitments. Daily life pleasures include visiting beaches, historic places and pilgrimage sites and going to the movies after work hours. Shopping either online or physically going out to the retail shops serves to be a part of their leisure activities. Social gatherings, DJ clubs, parties etc are worth once-in- a – while to soothe the mind. Social media platforms encourage individuals to keep their conversations alive.

Every IT professional truly deserves to be a part of the human population. Elements that color his life are essential to portray his individuality. Leading or say forming a new generation is a challenge that awaits every human. I believe that every techie is high on spirits to take up an initiative and move on to experience the road less traveled by.