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Benefits, Longevity and Life after IT Job

Author : Reji Thomas Mathew
Company: IBS Software Services Private Limited

It’s nice to see that 20th century ended with a solution for long lasting unemployment challenges in India. Thanks to the Y2K problem. In 1980s India faced its worst ever unemployment situation, with even thousands of educated youngsters committing suicide in blasphemy. But 1990s companies like Infosys, TCS and Satyam had recruitment in heavy to support the IT divisions and the job arena changed altogether. Even people from other streams started getting trained and getting attracted to IT.

Among the benefits of IT the following stands out

·         The information at finger tips – any news and update around the world is known then and there to all, thanks to the information technology’s intrusion to mass media

·         Transparency and lively completion – information is transparent and increases the genuinity than being bogus statements. Also this increases lively competition and reduces monopoly, means consumers get better service at economic rates

·         Precise medical information – IT has helped in health care and medical fields also

·         Statistical analysis and forecasting – the history data and various comparative graphs, give clear picture on where we are or what we were be it politics, sports or industry at an individual and cumulative level, give more insight to plan and prepare for future

·         Research and development – more investment into technology and further improving the same – that itself giving job to many like colleges and research institutions

·         People from any stream can get to this – not just computer professionals, it’s so encapsulated and yet broad that people from various streams can adapt to this. also they can bring in their industry experience to this as well in a domain centric manner

·         Pure white collar job – it avoids the hassles of traveling across offices (like sales) or on field job, you spend your time in office

·         Well respected job – the status of being known as an IT professional is unique

·         Place where ideas takes wings – if you are creative and has ideas, you will be growing with the company

·         Salary beyond other industries – since most of the work were coming a outsourcing from countries like US and UK, the currency conversion helped in giving salary beyond comparison.

·         Chance to visit foreign countries – you can travel place on business purpose

·         Be your own boss – if you have the ability, you can start your own firm as options is IT is vast and wide.

Along with IT, ITES like medical transcription, customer support call center jobs etc has also given new job opportunities. More interesting is that all auxiliary functions also need certain level of people to support as work force like admin, HR, finance etc. it has been seen that development of IT has given way to development of a town ship itself. For example, white field in Bangalore was a no mans land about 20 years before, but what is it now? So is the case of Kazhakuttam at Trivandrum. Its not just the IT fraternity that gets benefited out of developments in IT, rather it’s a whole society. It also gives way to developing of roads and other amenities surrounding to the place where IT grows.

Longevity of IT Industry

When a big work force was working for Y2K problem, critics said that once year 2000 is reached, these entire IT professionals will not have any job. But was that the case?

No, instead it grew in folds beyond control and that was the reason for the slump during IT slowdown induced due to the Sep 9/11 tragedy. But that slow down also gave more opportunities later on. It also gave a way out for the IT industry to come out of such slow downs. The dot come burst didn’t last longer, but the need to get to open source technology and running the business by cutting down cost was the need then. Even after 12 years from that still there is business in IT industry.

Some of the factors that are going to make sure IT industry will stand longer are:

·         Increased scope – from the banking or telecom industry and scientific areas, now IT has grown to medical, health care and almost all areas

·         Online yugam – the online mantra has given options to book tickets online, buy things online and even apply for exams online. So all the industry must now adapt to this, which means the works are to stay longer!

·         User experiences – no body is having the patience to wait longer to view details in sites. So the performance optimization and investment around that is higher

·         Security breaches – as in any cases the hackers are also active cracking the access controls J new cutting end technology and design approaches has solution for this, Also there are unique test approaches to exposure such vulnerabilities. Focus is there on to build high secure systems and this is giving IT a business by its own

·         Automation – automation of business process and all activities like project management, design, coding, testing etc in a typical software development gives more focus as this reduces lot of manual effort and errors by then

·         Currency conversion rate difference – the euro rupee or dollar rupee and other country currency conversion difference will still fetch works being outsourced to countries like India and China

·         At least maintain the business as usual – its not easy to maintain the current infrastructures and www as is now, that itself need focus and investment

·         More focus on defense of country – information technology is being used in self-defense of developed countries, this will be expanded to developing nations as well

Always the quest and quench for users is to make things better. So more and more revolutionary changes will come in the field of IT, which will keep the ball moving.

Life after IT Job

It’s quite difficult to think of such a situation as that will be a back to square one stage like an Iron Age or Stone Age. There will not be any such situation, but people need to be warned of the over usage of resources which will lead to a situation where they are left with nothing to invest and incur from IT. This inference is purely in a IT arena.

When it comes to an individual, like any stream of work, people may get worn out and may seek for retirement. As in any field, life after IT job also should be normal. It’s to their wish to select what it need to be (depending on their bank balance J) I will go for organic farming. There are umpteen options as life never ends with IT, rather it will end only when it ends! So live your life to the fullest where ever you are.