Trainees at TCS put on a flash mob to promote health and fitness among techies.

[slideshow id=3] They came, they saw, they danced! From celebrating holidays and events to creating awareness about social issues or just for fun, flash mobs have become the in thing at Technopark. Today at Bhavani building in Technopark, it was Tata Consultancy Services’ (TCS) turn to rock the dance floor, to promote ‘Fit4Life’, the company’s in-house fitness campaign for its employees. At around 12.30 p.m., the atrium of the building

Google developer proposes new code, "Error 451 WebpageCensored"

A high-profile Google developer has proposed that the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) that it endorse a new HTTP Status Code to warn readers the page they’re looking for has been censored by authorities, according to TheVerge. Tim Bray, who co-invented XML and works as Android Developer Advocate at Google, is submitting a proposal that pages censored by someone other than the owner of the site or of the user’s

IOS 6 New Features

On Monday, Apple offered the first glimpse of iOS 6 during the Worldwide Developers Conference keynote. Though the updated mobile operating system won’t arrive until sometime this fall, it’s never too early to start drooling over the new features. Here’s a look at some cool features coming in iOS 6 that you may have missed. A new Share screen In iOS 5, when you tap to share a photo, you

Google to make Google maps offline, provide 3-D view.............

Google announced Wednesday that its mobile version of Google Maps is going offline, Street View is going off road with a new backpack-sized camera, and Google Earth will soon be serving up eye-popping new 3D imagery that you’ll be able to “fly” above. News of the Google Earth and Maps upgrades come a week before Apple is expected to dump Google as its default mapping technology on its iOS mobile

The Green Economy Initiative

A Green Economy can be defined as one that results in improved human wellbeing and social equity, while significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities. A Green Economy is characterized by substantially increased investments in economic sectors that build on and enhance the earth’s natural capital or reduce ecological scarcities and environmental risks. These sectors include renewable energy, low-carbon transport, energy-efficient buildings, clean technologies, improved waste management, improved freshwater provision,

Facebook to make its internal code public

Facebook has released a library of C++ software components used to help run its site, the social networking company announced Saturday. By releasing this library, called Folly, Facebook will be able to release more of its internal programs as open source, because they rely on different components in this library. “One clear bottleneck to releasing more work has been that any open sourced project needed to break dependencies on unreleased

The most atrocious virus exposed: Everyone looking for a solution....

The world’s “largest” cyber attack has been uncovered with the discovery of the most complex computer virus ever- ‘Flame,’ which is set to destroy the mass data of businesses, universities and governments. According to the security researchers report, the ‘data-vacuuming’ virus has already infected a handful of computers around the world and is mainly targeted at a number of Middle Eastern countries including Iran and Israel. Kaspersky’s report states Flame