One Hike for a Lifetime - Vineetha R A

Author      : Vineetha R A Company :  Confianz Information Technologies Email       :  vineetha@confianzit.biz One Hike for a Lifetime The chill of dawn could not but thwart the fire and rage inside my heart I swore as I walked with aimless gait: “My life shall be no game for Fate” Through busy roads and alleys lone, I made my way to a place unknown  No room

A Techie Love Letter - Mithun Menon

Author     :   Mithun Menon Company :  D+H Solutions India Private Limited Email       :  mithun.menon@dh.com A Techie Love Letter   To my Valentine, The moment I see you enter the front door, I feel my heart is pounding on the floor When you walk across me without even a glance, I grant myself time to wait for yet another chance It would be wrong to say


Author      :  ANNIE MOSES Company :  ELECTRONICS TECHNOLOGY PARKS Email        :  ann@technopark.org Hope I was drooling through my past, It was so nice and so cozy; The days I went with my friends to different places I love; I really miss those days, were I had nothing to worry about, or nothing to be thought off; Such a free minded days of gay Where I

Beneath the Winter Moon - Ashwin Abraham

Author      :  Ashwin Abraham Company :  Allianz Cornhill Information Services(ACIS) Email        :  ashwin.abraham@allianzcornhill.co.in/ ka.ashwin@gmail.com Beneath The Winter Moon A spiritual painter draws red across the blue While the stars dance and frolic far above, The twilight cradles the land on a lullaby, When the evening wind sings for the night. The red lotus blossoms upon the morning beam, Across the raging oceans and burning flames,


Author      :  PRASAD T.J. Company :  Palnar Transmedia Pvt Ltd Email        :  prasad70000@gmail.com  SCHOOL LIFE So many smiling faces, from that garden of friendship Tough to find the best flower, Days, we Search for a treasure house which, Having a fine collection of stories. Days we wished to dance in feathery breeze. And  play with innocent angels……. Days we wondered   about the great mountains

An English Gazal - Viney Sharma

Author     :   Viney Sharma Company :   IBS Software Services Pvt. Ltd. Email       :   viney.sharma@ibsplc.com; vineyshar@gmail.com An English Gazal They live on nothing, but your name They go on killing, no mercy, no shame For times immemorial, it has been on Nations, Religions, Violence is a game Life is beautiful, you are with me Love is an animal, difficult to tame Your smile, twinkling in

To my little sweet heart - Reji Thomas Mathew

Author      :  Reji Thomas Mathew Company :   IBS Email        :  reji.mathew@ibsplc.com To my little sweet heart When I look at you, my dear I see myself in you, I remember my childhood When I see you play As you turn nine and Step to the two digit age I still remember your Tiny face and little fingers You are naughty at times But not nasty

The death of darkness - Devi Mohan

Author      :   Devi Mohan Company :   ACIS Email       :   dmdevimohan058@gmail.com The death of darkness Drowned in the profound spells of dark, Subsisted the moments of my past! Smothered by its agony and hurt, Tormented by its cold bloodedness, I hardly breathed and existed! Long were those shades of black, Wrapped up in the tears of my soul! I cried, screamed and wept, For that my

Beautiful Smile - Rajesh Kumar. K

Author      :  Rajesh Kumar. K Company :  Speridian Technologies Email       :   rajesh.kumar@speridian.com Beautiful Smile   I woke up with a dream, that I saw a beautiful smile. It whispered like I felt she was kissing on my cheek. I closed my eyes tight to see her smile again. What’s special in it that makes me forget myself? I feel awake at night while everyone is

Rain came again - Manoj G.R.

Author      :   Manoj G.R. Company :   QuEST Global Email       :   manoj.gr@quest-global.com Rain came again… Ripples form on pond so calm, showing nature’s style of charm. Making such a joyous chime, waking up my childhood time. We played on water pools and falls, until got some furious calls. We made a lot of paper boats, for those insects in our house. With the rain came thunder