Author      :  PRASAD T.J. Company :  Palnar Transmedia Pvt Ltd Email        :  prasad70000@gmail.com  SCHOOL LIFE So many smiling faces, from that garden of friendship Tough to find the best flower, Days, we Search for a treasure house which, Having a fine collection of stories. Days we wished to dance in feathery breeze. And  play with innocent angels……. Days we wondered   about the great mountains

An English Gazal - Viney Sharma

Author     :   Viney Sharma Company :   IBS Software Services Pvt. Ltd. Email       :   viney.sharma@ibsplc.com; vineyshar@gmail.com An English Gazal They live on nothing, but your name They go on killing, no mercy, no shame For times immemorial, it has been on Nations, Religions, Violence is a game Life is beautiful, you are with me Love is an animal, difficult to tame Your smile, twinkling in

To my little sweet heart - Reji Thomas Mathew

Author      :  Reji Thomas Mathew Company :   IBS Email        :  reji.mathew@ibsplc.com To my little sweet heart When I look at you, my dear I see myself in you, I remember my childhood When I see you play As you turn nine and Step to the two digit age I still remember your Tiny face and little fingers You are naughty at times But not nasty

The death of darkness - Devi Mohan

Author      :   Devi Mohan Company :   ACIS Email       :   dmdevimohan058@gmail.com The death of darkness Drowned in the profound spells of dark, Subsisted the moments of my past! Smothered by its agony and hurt, Tormented by its cold bloodedness, I hardly breathed and existed! Long were those shades of black, Wrapped up in the tears of my soul! I cried, screamed and wept, For that my

Beautiful Smile - Rajesh Kumar. K

Author      :  Rajesh Kumar. K Company :  Speridian Technologies Email       :   rajesh.kumar@speridian.com Beautiful Smile   I woke up with a dream, that I saw a beautiful smile. It whispered like I felt she was kissing on my cheek. I closed my eyes tight to see her smile again. What’s special in it that makes me forget myself? I feel awake at night while everyone is

Rain came again - Manoj G.R.

Author      :   Manoj G.R. Company :   QuEST Global Email       :   manoj.gr@quest-global.com Rain came again… Ripples form on pond so calm, showing nature’s style of charm. Making such a joyous chime, waking up my childhood time. We played on water pools and falls, until got some furious calls. We made a lot of paper boats, for those insects in our house. With the rain came thunder

The road to Success - Ashwin K V

Author     :   Ashwin K V Company :  Rptechsoft International Pvt Ltd Email       :  ashwin.kv2008@gmail.com The road to Success Success needs much preparation. A little luck and concentration. Toiling hard with perspiration. Someone for your inspiration. Failures may cause desperation. Rise again with determination. Always have an aspiration. Enriched with true Dedication. And you will reach your destination.

Sorrowful Mind  -  Anoop Chandramohanan Nair

Author     :   Anoop Chandramohanan Nair Company :  UST Global Email       :  anoop.cm@gmail.com Sorrowful Mind I would like to be in you hand For I’ve been buried in the sand A sand of unhappy memoir’s of life which hurts my heart as sharpened knife I roared every moments of gain And survived every moments of pain The humane thought in me was lost And never could I

A Suicide At Midnight - Afsal

Author     :   Afsal Company :  Zafin Email       :  afsal.abdulkhani@zafin.com A suicide at Midnight Knocks at the threshold at midnight, Closed the book, and peeped through; A personable bearded, bald man in long robes, I invited him in, heartily as if close relatives Enquired, what do want? Purpose of peregrination? Oh, I am poet Laureate of Hades, The realm of Pluto and in search of An

Just One Life - Arockiya Helen Peter

Author     :  Arockiya Helen Peter Company :  IBS Software Services Private Limited Email       :  Arockiya.Peter@ibsplc.com Just One Life It’s easy to be sad, it’s easy to be mad.. it’s easy to be bad , even easy to be temper clad. But what’s the point if you cannot gulp those feelings down, and wear on a smile instead of a weary frown!! Ebb and flow is