Just One Life - Arockiya Helen Peter

Author     :  Arockiya Helen Peter Company :  IBS Software Services Private Limited Email       :  Arockiya.Peter@ibsplc.com Just One Life It’s easy to be sad, it’s easy to be mad.. it’s easy to be bad , even easy to be temper clad. But what’s the point if you cannot gulp those feelings down, and wear on a smile instead of a weary frown!! Ebb and flow is

Lost in the crowd - Sujith Dan Mammen

Author     :  Sujith Dan Mammen Company :  UST Global Email       :  sujithdan@gmail.com Lost in the crowd In the midst of all the fun To have the fun,I have got no one. Call it day or call it night I have lost you from my sight….   Walking by the busy streets Thinking of the useless feats, Strong I guess I feel at times But slowly

Vaidehi  -  Nayanathara.S

Author      :   Nayanathara.S Company :   Zyxware Technologies Email        :  nayanathara27@gmail.com Vaidehi It is the month of Karkidakam, When the heavens open up And swallow the earth in a thunderous gulp. It is the time of the year, When the sun cozily snuggles Under the blanket of the rain-borne clouds, And silvery snails and lazy centipedes Take refuge in the dim-lit corners of dilapidated houses. It

Good Night Baby! - DIVYA ROSE R

Author      :  DIVYA ROSE R Company :   D+H Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. Email       :   drrgdivs@gmail.com Good Night Baby! Oh God! What did you do to her? This is something she can’t bear She’s so tiny to take this pain Oh God! My prayers are all in vain I have seen your smile in my dreams And wonder now how sad it seems I have

One Hike for a Lifetime - Vineetha R A

Author      : Vineetha R A Company :  Confianz Information Technologies Email       :  vineetha@confianzit.biz One Hike for a Lifetime The chill of dawn could not but thwart the fire and rage inside my heart I swore as I walked with aimless gait: “My life shall be no game for Fate” Through busy roads and alleys lone, I made my way to a place unknown  No room

A Techie Love Letter - Mithun Menon

Author     :   Mithun Menon Company :  D+H Solutions India Private Limited Email       :  mithun.menon@dh.com A Techie Love Letter   To my Valentine, The moment I see you enter the front door, I feel my heart is pounding on the floor When you walk across me without even a glance, I grant myself time to wait for yet another chance It would be wrong to say


Author      :  ANNIE MOSES Company :  ELECTRONICS TECHNOLOGY PARKS Email        :  ann@technopark.org Hope I was drooling through my past, It was so nice and so cozy; The days I went with my friends to different places I love; I really miss those days, were I had nothing to worry about, or nothing to be thought off; Such a free minded days of gay Where I

Beneath the Winter Moon - Ashwin Abraham

Author      :  Ashwin Abraham Company :  Allianz Cornhill Information Services(ACIS) Email        :  ashwin.abraham@allianzcornhill.co.in/ ka.ashwin@gmail.com Beneath The Winter Moon A spiritual painter draws red across the blue While the stars dance and frolic far above, The twilight cradles the land on a lullaby, When the evening wind sings for the night. The red lotus blossoms upon the morning beam, Across the raging oceans and burning flames,


Author      :  PRASAD T.J. Company :  Palnar Transmedia Pvt Ltd Email        :  prasad70000@gmail.com  SCHOOL LIFE So many smiling faces, from that garden of friendship Tough to find the best flower, Days, we Search for a treasure house which, Having a fine collection of stories. Days we wished to dance in feathery breeze. And  play with innocent angels……. Days we wondered   about the great mountains

An English Gazal - Viney Sharma

Author     :   Viney Sharma Company :   IBS Software Services Pvt. Ltd. Email       :   viney.sharma@ibsplc.com; vineyshar@gmail.com An English Gazal They live on nothing, but your name They go on killing, no mercy, no shame For times immemorial, it has been on Nations, Religions, Violence is a game Life is beautiful, you are with me Love is an animal, difficult to tame Your smile, twinkling in