NATURE’S BEAUTY - Seetha Ranganathan

Author : Seetha Ranganathan Company : Allianz Email : Seetha.Ranganathan@allianz.com NATURE’S BEAUTY The attractive Grassy lands filled with beauty, Just as one prefers; to do his duty. The trees and plants are green; The farthest things are seen. Mushrooms and cherries are sweet, The cellar is full of beet. The lands are filled with snow; Just like the pearl in the shore. The farms, where the cocks crow, Lit by


Author : N.R. Sunil Company : R R DONNELLEY Email : nrsunil.in@gmail.com MY THOUGHTS Thoughts wanders years back To the day I visited Technopark Through the lonely university road I along with my dreams rode. Then reached the campus Where stood the park centre No crowd no sound any where Greenary and calmness every where. Two structures Pamba & Periyaar And the statue of a man fair Glancing far off

Pain in the Rain - Sabari Sriram

Author : Sabari Sriram S.M. Company : D+H Email : sabari18nair@gmail.com Pain in the Rain Rain Clouds in the sky, I don’t know why, They make me blue, when am thinking of you; May be they want to cry, as I walk on by, Hiding my tears, in a world of good byes; Love during summer rain, causes no pain, Cause I’m looking back, at you once again; Memories crowding

A gesture of Salute - Regina Sekhar

Author : Regina Sekhar Company : Allianz Email : regina.sekhar@allianzcornhill.co.in A gesture of Salute Will considerate be a synonym For the gentleman I salute, Notorious for his determination This is the man I esteem! For I Salute the mascot Of his charm and gracious engrained Embraced with care and amity Is his mark of affluence? Obstinate being his attitude Scripts him a prominent personality Daring his verdicts Voices the extraordinary


Author : Ajitha Krishnan Company : RM Education solutions India Pvt. Ltd Email : ajithakrish@gmail.com Lights of Destiny The solid night departed the venue, Now filled with calmness and rhythm. The lights of destiny played a dumb show, Embracing the sight of virtue. Oceans murmured the tune of guitar. Wind blew with the music of the flute. The sleeping mountains raised heads, Showering icy glimpses on flower beds. Blossoms heaped upon

RAY OF HOPE - Amogha Rejeesh

Author : Amogha Rejeesh Company : IBS Software Services Pvt Ltd. Email : amogharejeesh@gmail.com Ray of Hope Teeth bared, eyes tapered to slits, spitting in rage, Paced up and down the narrow confines, an otter grey. Fraying the cord that bound its velvety neck to the cage. Face fraught with disquiet, stood a frightened child petite, Looking from the encircled pursuers’ faces to the beast’s. The cogs of her mind

Harleys on Highways - AKMAL ZAMROOD M

Author : AKMAL ZAMROOD M. Company : Phykon Solutions Email : zamrood3@gmail.com Harleys on Highways I sit in a class of sixty. But I am alone All alone like a man in the middle of the ocean. I sit here, thinking; Thinking about my past, my future And how this miserable present will pass me. I hope. I always do. For a better life; A life of the Angels The Angels


Author : Arya Subash Kombara Company : Icon Clinical Research India (P) Ltd. Email : aryask86@gmail.com Am I so a trouble? Am I so a burden? Mom, you were happy and blissful, The day I was born. Took me in your arms and kissed me, The day I cried and smiled. “World is beautiful my dear” You said, I had neither doubts nor worries. You didn’t lie, you didn’t scare; But


Author : DAINY DAYNESIOUS Company : PIT Solutions Email : dainy.d@pitsolutions.com A DENIED CHANCE Everyone fears the time, When his life meets an end The time to leave everything dear, Realizing all his works are too trivial. And there he lies on the death bed, Repenting all the ways he had led, And the hurting words he had said. Alas! Soon Oh! Soon, he will be dead. “Dearest Lord, please


Author : Surbhi Singh Company : Infosys Pvt. Limited Email : surbhi24singh@gmail.com Lookout for words I am on constant lookout for words… Words for my every mood, every emotion, Every tear, every smile I want a word for everything worthwhile And no not simple words that you have heard before I want deep, meaningful words Words that would reach to your deepest parts And shake you for a moment, Words