The Technical Pianist - Sayan Bhattacharya

Author      : Sayan Bhattacharya Company  : Zafin Software Centre of Excellence Email        :                                                                               The Technical Pianist   The ‘cottage-piano’ had been in our house for so long, and actively musical at that, it had almost become like a family member. Well, the piano had forever been a passion and a prized possession of my father, who had pursued his musical talent and skills on it since his

THE DECISION - Rahul Raveendran

Author      : Rahul Raveendran Company : Tata Elxsi Email        :   THE DECISION   “We are currently in front of Late Lieutenant Milan Das’s house. Sitting in front of me is not only a proud father but also one of the pioneers of Indian army-Colonel Manav Das”, proclaimed the young lady interviewer tilting her head towards the right. “First of all, we would like

The Orphan Needs Care :- Sujith Dan Mammen

Author      : Sujith Dan Mammen Company : UST global Email        :                                                                                  The Orphan Needs Care It was raining heavily outside. Jared opened the front door to see whether the rain had stopped, half cursing the lightning and the rain. Jared was a man in his late thirties, he was wearing an apron above his normal dress, he was clutching a long kitchen knife

The Magic Leaf - Renjith RJ

Author      : Renjith RJ Company : Applexus Technology Email        :                                                                              The Magic Leaf I could feel the sun rays falling on my face, through the narrow gap of the window curtains. Gently opening my eyes, searching for my mobile, I found it near my legs, and unlocked it to know what time it is.  It displayed “7:23 AM, 2th January 1970”. I was half asleep and

GOD - Gimme One Last Chance!!!! - Arockiya Helen Peter

Author  : Arockiya Helen Peter Company : IBS Software Services Email   :                                                                  GOD – Gimme One Last Chance!!!! It was a beautiful July morning with the sun slowly waking up from his horizon. Christopher’s bedroom is located as such the first rays of the sun and the singing of the birds fall first into his room. Christopher got up from his sleep by a sweet wish of his

The Witness  -  Rajeswari Menon

Author      : Rajeswari Menon Company : Travancore Analytics Email        :                                                                          The Witness He quietly padded over to the window, moved the faded, moth-eaten curtain a bit, just a little bit, and peeped out. Across the road, in the shadows of the lamp post, silently waited the watcher. He closed the curtain quickly, wondered if he had been spotted and stubbed out his cigarette in the ash tray. The

Mina - Vinu Omanakuttan

Author     : Vinu Omanakuttan Company : Fingent Technology Solutions Email        :                                                                                                      Mina It was a dark and stormy night, the howling wind crackling its own forlorn rhythm against the deafening hustle and bustle of Times Square on Christmas Eve. But Peter noticed none of

A daughter to remember - Sindhu Jacob K

Author      : Sindhu Jacob K Company  : IBS Software Services Email        :                                                                                      A daughter to remember She drummed her fingers on the steering wheel wishing that the traffic light would never turn green. She wished she could somehow get off the rendezvous, she did succeed however the doctor who helped with the donation coaxed her into agreeing to meet the family. The traffic signal turned

Viral - Nipun Varma

Author     : Nipun Varma Company : UST Global Email        :   VIRAL   The old man who had just half an hour left to live was trying to cross the busy street. Amidst the never ending, teeming mass of faceless vehicles, all he had was an imaginary bridge of just milliseconds. It brought him almost to the middle of the road when it happened. A white luxury

Bygone! - Sajina P

Author  : Sajina P Company : PIT Solutions Email   :                                                                                          Bygone! The soil under my feet was wet. I saw them leaving my premises after leaving my wife where I was for the last few years. No one has ever took an effort to visit me. Suddenly, I saw my eldest son pausing at the gate for a moment. Yes! He looked towards the place where I was