Complaint given to park centre on the association of Technopark with the serial ‘Padasaram’ telecasting in Asianet.

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Sri Girish Babu
CEO, Technopark

Dear Sir,

This is with regard to the association of Technopark with the serial ‘Padasaram’ telecasting in Asianet. This serial, which supposedly portrays the lives of IT professionals inside Technopark, pictures them as more or less socially immoral and irresponsible citizens.

They are using land marks and symbols of Technopark, apparently saying to common people that they are telecasting the real life of IT professionals inside Technopark. It is with much shock and chagrin that we see that the park Centre has permitted the crew of ‘Padasaram’ to shoot within the premises, which would look as a silent approval of whatever is being telecasted. Hence we request you to immediately stop any further shooting of this serial inside our Technopark which spreads a lie and typecasts IT professionals. Also please remind them that IT is just another profession and not a way of life.


Good and bad people are present in every nook and corner of the society, but it doesn’t mean that Technopark serves as an embodiment to nurture such malpractices. The impact of the serial has affected the women force working in Technopark ,the maximum, to such an extent that they cannot walk freely outside the campus without hearing any bad comment. It has also become difficult for them to lead a normal family life. If this situation prevails the ID card which is used by all the associates working in Technopark, as a symbol of dignity may become a sign of burden and shame to them.

In future it would to better to check the content of any shows before permitting them to associate with Technopark or use the facilities of our campus to make sure they are not derogatory to our profession which is already under scrutiny by the society. It is an insult to every employee inside the Technopark to have the crew shoot inside the campus with obvious giveaways (buildings, name boards, symbols etc) and sketch the employees as rude, socially irresponsible and avaricious.

Sir, we think that art cannot be for the sake of Art; it should be for the sake of society. Art becomes it only when it’s positively contributing to the society ; spreading rumors, type casting people and places is not Art.

We kindly request you to ask the production team of that serial to stop telecasting official symbols of Technopark and also request to not to allow this crew to shoot any further episode inside our Technopark.

Socio-Cultural Organisation of Technopark