Bavuttiyude Naamathil – Review

Bavuttiyude Naamthil
Bavuttiyude Naamthil

“Bavuttiyude Naamthil”, directed by GS Vijayan and written by Ranjith is situational comedy at its best. Ranjith once again showcases his innate ability as a writer. The simple story becomes an amazing watch with the strength of his narration and genuine comedy situations. Both Mammootty who lived as Bavutty on the screen, along with other fantastic performances of Kavya Madhavan and Vineeth will make this Bavuttiyude Naamthil an enthralling watch. Director G.S.Vijayan’s ‘Bavuttiyude Namathil’ is one of those touching movies to have come out in Malayalam in the recent times. It cannot be hailed as a classic by any means. But quite a few touching moments make this movie a must-watch for any drama movie buff. The movie, with positive reviews from all released centers, attracts more and more viewers into the theatre to watch Bavuttty.

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Right away you are drawn into the life of Bavutty. He believes in universal love cutting across religion, caste and social status. The man believes in goodness of a person and tries to make the world a better place for others. The film talks about a driver Bavutty and his relation with his owner, Sethu including the rest of his family members. Mammootty plays Bavutty, a driver in a wealthy household. He is in fact much more than a driver. He is very much part of the family. For Sethu (played by Shankar Ramakrishnan), his employer, life is all about making money, but Bavutty is a simple man with no dreams. Kavya Madhavan plays Vanaja, Sethu’s wife while Kaniha appears as Mariam, a house-maid. Rima Kallingal plays the role of Noorjahan, a tuition teacher.

The biggest assets of ‘Bavuttiyude Namathil’ is the story and screenplay by Ranjith, which is perfect and Mammooty donning the role of Bavutty. GS Vijayan’s direction deserve a special mention. He has managed to elicit the best out of all actors. The film is an all round effort from the entire cast and crew. Ranjith who has scripted and produced the movie has definitely left his signature stamp on it. While he has explored the various idiosyncrasies of different parts of Kerala, as in the Thrissur and Kozhikode dialect and way of life in ‘Pranchiyettan and The Saint’ and ‘Indian Rupee’ respectively, Malapuram and Neeleeswaram dialect is depicted in ‘Bavuttiyude Namathil’. The depiction is understated and spot on.

The performance of the entire cast is commendable. Mammootty as ‘Bavutty’ is notable with his flawless dialogue delivery and mannerisms. He once again dons a down-to-earth character with his impeccable and incomparable acting skills. Shankar Ramakrishnan has been given a chance to exhibit his acting prowess with a good role, which he credibly does. The female trio of Kavya Madhavan, Rima Kallingal and Kaniha have given strong performances. Harisree Ashokan’s Malabar Muslim look as Alavi has lent credibility to the character he essays. Vineeth is the other actor who deserves special mention. The film could well be Vineeth’s comeback film, as he has a fairly strong role in the movie.

After Pranchiyettan, Bavuttiyude Namathil will be an enjoyable watch for the filmgoers who enjoys and loves sensible realistic movies.

“At the end this Bavutty will make us laugh, think and even force us to drop a few tears. Watch it. There is no tell tale heroism, there is no “punch” dialogues and yet Bavuttiyude Naamthil with a simple down-to-earth story, wonderful screenplay, good direction and acting will remain as one of the good films of this year.”

Verdict : 4/5

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