Arike : Review

New Malayalam movie ‘Arike‘ got released last week. This film that featured Dileep, Samvrutha Sunil and Mamtha in the lead roles was scripted as well as directed by Shyamaprasad. Thus far, this new film produced by Vindhyan, under the banner of Picture Perfect is getting some nice reports from all over.

A huge expectation was surrounding this new film ‘Arike‘, since it happens to be a Shyamaprasad movie, after the likes of ‘Ore Kadal‘ and ‘Rithu‘. ‘Arike’ is always an okay film, but if anyone considers it as a Shyamaprasad movie then he/she may get upset because this new film ‘Arike’ is no way near the likes of ‘Ore Kadal’ and ‘Rithu’.

Just like award winning director Shyamaprasad’s previous film ‘Ore Kadal’, this new movie ‘Arike’ too is an adaptation from a Bengali short story, written by famous Bengali writer Sunil Ggangopadhyay. Director’s previous few films were having somewhat dark themes, but ‘Arike’ is totally different from those type of films.

‘Arike’, which is a lighthearted romantic comedy, is like all of director Shyamaprasad’s previous films, about the quest for love. This film, a breezy romantic film told in a realistic way, also features others like Ajmal, Vineeth, Urmila Unni, Innocent, Chitra Iyer, Prakash Bare etc in it.

This new Shyamaprasad movie ‘Arike’ tells the story of Shantanu (Dileep), a researcher in Linguistics, and his two friends, Kalpana (Samvrutha) and Anuradha (Mamtha), Anuradha is a sensitive type, who had gone through certain bitter experiences in love. Kalpana is more capricious type, who is changeable and loves being in love. Anuradha wants to play cupid and bring Shantanu and Kalpana together, she knows that they care a lot for each other, but for some reason or the other are hesitant to take the next step.

‘Arike’ is a keenly observed portrait on the mechanics of falling in and out of love and this simple story is being delivered with clarity and clout by a film maker, who is well determined to keep us consistently engaged. This film is also blessed with some excellent visuals taken by camera man Alagappan, some real hummable music composed by National award winner Ouseppachan and sharp editing from Vinod Sukumaran.

In the acting side, Mamtha’s lead role as Anuradha happens to be the major highlight of this film. She was really a revelation in this movie. Other lead actors, Dileep and Samvrutha Sunil seems extremely comfortable playing their respective roles. Vineeth was excellent in his cameo and the writer turned actor Madambu Kunjikuttan is served with the best scene in this film. All the supporting actors give it their best as well.

Even if, this new film ‘Arike’ is way away from becoming a typical Shyamaprasad movie, it have its own moment to cherish.

Verdict : Above Average

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