Manjadikuru : Review

New Malayalam movie ‘Manjadikuru‘, scripted as well as directed by Anjali Menon, got released last week. Thus far, this new film produced by Anjali Menon & Vinod Menon under the banner Little Films India is getting some excellent reports from all over.

This new film ‘Manjadikuru’, filmed way back in 2008, got premiered at several film festivals all across the world and have won numerous awards in various departments. This film is director Anjali Menon’s first ever attempt in film making, but she is now already a popular figure in Mollywood with her short film ‘Happy Journey’, that was a part of the film ‘Kerala Cafe’ and with the script for the upcoming Malayalam movie ‘Ustad Hotel’.

This new movie ‘Manjadikuru’, that have Bigstar Prithviraj in a short but prominent role also featured a star studded cast of Thilakan, Urvashi, Jagathy Sreekumar, Padmapriya, Sindhu Menon, Kaviyoor Ponnamma, Murali, Rahman, Bindu Panicker, Praveena, Sreedevika, Harisanth, Poojappura Ravi, Sagar Shiyaz etc in it.

‘Manjadikuru’ is all about the life of a 10 year old child Vicky in late 1970’s, when he lands up in the grandparents home to attend grandfathers funeral ceremony, that lasts for about 16 days. This was an opportunity for Vicky to mix with his cousins, uncles, aunts, neighbours and he spends an eventful 16 days in his village. Later on, after becoming a grown up guy he returns to this old home for his memories and ‘Manjadikuru’ travels through his eyes.

Technically, this film ‘Manjadikuru’ is brilliant in all the departments. Director Anjali Menon had written this script in a tied manner and simplicity of the script is the success behind this film. Each shots by Pietro Zuercher will surely dissolve the viewer to the beauty of Gods own country. BGM from Francois Gamaury made every possible scenes to get appreciation. Editing looks nice by Lenin, while Kavalam Narayana Panicker and Ramesh Narayanan’s songs add up to the occasion.

In the acting side, the major attraction happens to be the narration and cameo from Prithviraj, which add gem to this film. Almost all the characters in the movie have a part to play with and some of them were really great to watch, especially the rebel character played by Murali, rude son-in-law character played by Jagathy Sreekumar, dominating mother played by Urvashi, tender and loving character by Praveena and the cunning relative’s role by Bindu Panicker. Rest of the cast too have performed very well.

All in all, this new Malayalam movie ‘Manjadikuru’ has its vibrance, charm and let us get into our childhood that we left in our past. This film will surely work big with those who still cherish the memories of the joint family and the thrill and happiness that go with it.

Verdict : Excellent movie

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