Ustad Hotel : Review

‘Ustad Hotel’ got released last Friday. This film that featured Dulquer Salman and Nithya Menen in the lead roles was scripted by Anjali Menon and directed by Anwar Rasheed. Thus far, this new film produced by Listin Stephen, under the banner of Magic Frames is getting some real positive reports from all over.

A huge expectation was surrounding this new film ‘Ustad Hotel’, since Anwar Rasheed, who has already directed hit films like ‘Rajamanikyam’, Chotta Mumbai’ ‘Annan Thambi’ is directing this film and Listin Stephen, who was the producer of path breaking films like ‘Traffic’ and ‘Chappakurishu’ is producing it. Both of them were joined by the script writer Anjali Menon, who made a mark in Malayalam through her debut film ‘Manjadikuru’.

This new movie, ‘Ustad Hotel’ is all about the deep relationship between a grandfather and his grandchild, played by Thilakan and Dulquer Salman respectively. As the name suggests, the main story of the film is being told in the backdrop of a hotel. This film is getting rave reviews and it is sure to fetch high acclaims for those who worked hard for it. The only drawback that i felt was the film could have trimmed a bit, especially in the second half.

In ‘Ustad Hotel’, Thilakan plays Kareemikka a.k.a ‘Ustad’, an old man who runs a modest hotel, situated near Calicut beach. He was very much loved by the people and they flock to the hotel for the wonderful cuisine prepared and served by him. Faizi (Dulquer Salman), grandson of Kareemikka, has been living with his rich dad (Siddique) and four sisters in the Gulf. He goes to Switzerland to study hotel management and before settling down in London, he comes to his native place in Calicut, to meet his grandfather. Faizi’s dad wants him to marry another rich man’s daughter Sahina (Nithya Menen) and they met there. During his stay with grandfather, Faizi realizes that money is not just what matter in this world and it forms the rest of the story.

In the acting side, the male lead of this film, Dulquer Salman was a real treat to watch. This film ‘Ustad Hotel’ was just his second film, but his acting style seems to be effortless and slowly he is coming out of his father’s shadow. Just like any other film, Thilakan was brilliant with his acting. Nithya Menon remains to be nice throughout the film.  Tamil actor Jayaprakash makes an impressive outing with this film and the rest of the cast were all good with their respective roles.

In the technical side, this new movie ‘Ustad Hotel’ will stand out for script writer Anjali Menon’s fine script, director Anwar Rasheed’s slick making, cinematographer Lokanathan’s visuals and music director Gopi Sundar’s enchanting music. Editor Praveen, art director Biju and costumer Sameera were also good in their respective jobs. Above all, this film surely belongs to one man, Listin Stephen, producer of this film, who is always looking for different movies to come his way.

All in all, this new Malayalam movie ‘Ustad Hotel’ is a nice and simple film, that contains humour, love, pain and above all human values.

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Verdict : Excellent