Vadai fever goes viral.

Vadai fever goes viral.


Vadai song by Charles Bosco, featuring Jackson Bosco and Kutti Hari, pictured here with dancer Makesh

Kutti Hari has made a name for himself as a stand-up comedian who has performed all over the world, from the UK to Europe and even Canada. Now the young Tamilian has ventured into the world of music with his new release – “The Vadai Song“.

The track is a rework of American rapper Wiz Khalifa’s hit track “Black n Yellow” which released in 2010. The Vadai song features vocals from the UK-based singer Jackson Bosco, and has been produced by the talented Charles Bosco whose previous work has included playback singer Benny Dayal’s debut independent album.

The song is based on a Tamil nursery rhyme, and centres around the “vadai”, a savoury doughnut-shaped fritter popular amongst Tamilians and other Southern Indians. The entertaining video shows the team rocking huge rapper-esque medallions, made of…vadais, obviously! Check it out below and let us know what you think!

[youtube Z33mI93XLHY nolink]