Demand for ganja goes up during parties and weekend outings organized by techies

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The investigations into the killing of a polytechnic student after a ganjasale deal went wrong at Poundkadavu recently, have led to the discovery of new havens of drug peddlersin the capital — Poundkadavu and a few nearby areas which are easily accessible from the Kovalam-Kazhakoottam bypass and Technopark.

Police sources said the probe into the killing of the student, Anand, revealed that a large number of college and school students buy ganja from the peddlers based at Poundkadavu. “Also, cases of drug sourced from here being delivered to techies have also been noted. The incidents of techies seeking a high coming in person to the area cannot be ruled out,” said assistant commissioner of police Bijoy P.

It is the proximity to Technopark that makes Poundkadavu a hot pocket for cannabis users. “They just needed to drive 10 minutes. Also, the drug can be obtained on the spot,” said the officer.

“Technopark is like a different world and the drug users here are closely bonded. This makes it very difficult to get hold of the users and smugglers. We have now decided to keep a tab on the drug suppliers from Poundkadavu. However, we are not sure of how effective that would be,” said the officer.

Police point out that normally criminal activities and drug-selling flourish in economically developing areas. Technopark is one such area. Poundkadavu is an isolated area where some small mafia gangs operate.

Sources at the Technopark said the demand for ganja goes up during parties and weekend outings organized by techies. For these occasions, ganja is usually stocked in advance or the peddler delivers it at the party location.