Benefits, Longevity and Life after IT Job

Name: P. C. Sreejith Shankar Raja
Company: IBS Software Services

Man, has always strived to acquire wealth to lead a happy, healthy and comfortable life. No matter which strata of the society he belongs to, he winds all his activities around this central theme. This forms the basis of all his activities, right from receiving education, choosing the most appropriate career prospects and subsequently earning name and fame.

In the race for a good life, career options play an important role. It is a belief that the earning potential of an individual is directly proportional to the income or the salary package that he is on. A general trend among people is to choose the most lucrative career option that fetches them a fat salary. A job in the IT sector is no different. It is considered as one of the most lucrative jobs across the globe.

A man’s happiness lies in the happiness and well-being of his family. Being employed in the IT industry comes with numerous benefits. It is a contributing factor to help the employee lead a comfortable life. He would be able to meet his basic necessities in life, namely, food, clothing, shelter and good health. Apart from these, he can also buy a good car and other luxurious amenities which are, otherwise, beyond the reach of the common man. He can send his children to very good schools and colleges to ensure that they receive nothing but the best in education. He can take care of his aging parents comfortably. With the money he is able to save, he can also take his family on vacations to exotic destinations. These are some of the many benefits that he can enjoy for himself and his family.

At the same time, the IT employee should also take care of his health to ensure that he is able to live longer and happier. Being an IT employee does not guarantee good health. He has to devote time and energy to ensure that he stays fit and thereby increasing his longevity. Being sedentary in nature, the job does not cater to enough physical activity. An IT job is primarily relying on the intellectual ability of the employee. He rarely needs to do rigorous physical activities as a part of his job. As a result, his body will not receive the required dose of the medicine that is physical activity. So he has to take the initiative of doing ample exercises to stay fit. He can take healthy food, but if it is not coupled with healthy physical activities, his health is compromised. Living a healthy life is always good.

The proverbial Jack from “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy” will have to at least do a moderate work out to maintain a healthy life, especially if he is employed in the IT sector. If he cannot maintain a healthy life, he will tend to burn out quickly and he will not be able to think about a life after an IT Job.

As the twilight of life approaches, the employee will start to think about a life beyond IT. He should be able to continue to enjoy life and should also be able to spend his spare time for the benefit of others. He could do activities that would contribute constructively to the society. He can think of ways that his health and body would permit him to stay happy and spread that happiness around. This will enable a happier and healthier society. All this will happen if the employee has a healthy work life balance during his career.

As a human being, happiness and good health, during the life span provided to us by nature, should matter more than wealth. We need to have a good blend of health, wealth, happiness and satisfaction in order to live and lead a meaningful life. Let us all believe that we can be that change to show the society what can be achieved by a meaningful IT career and how happy a life we can lead. Let our lives be examples of how the society can be better. Let us use all our knowledge and skill to derive maximum benefits from, improve longevity and also meaningfully live a life after an IT Job.