Happy B’ day – Eby Sebastian

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Name of Participant : Eby Sebastian
Company : Infosys Ltd

Happy B’ day

I met her in one of those spirited days when I never doubted nothing
better than woman has ever been created. Before the flight took off,
I noticed her teen age innocence exploring the possibilities offered by
a window seat. Unlike my usual travels, I felt more curious about my
fellow passenger keeping the air busy with her youthful exuberance .
And you couldn’t deny exchanging a soothing acknowledgment for her
eloquent smiles.

A costume designer by profession, she keeps busy roaming places,
exploring cultures, traditions and designs. In another hour we talked
about the whole world .I really appreciated the way, we could spontaneously
melt strangeness.

Our talks sailed on happy shores till that unfortunate moment I asked her
about the long, evident scar on her left arm. Her eyes erupted but she
managed to wipe her face off quickly to make me feel comfortable. Out of
utmost heartfelt regret, I said ” I’m really sorry”. To my dismay, she broke
off again. When tears gushed out, I was left a clueless guy with shivering
heart. Waves of silence pervaded.

‘Peace begins with a smile’, and in another half an hour she smiled, returning
apologies for putting me in an awkward situation. Serving me a black tea, she
opened up and started talking about her family, in fact about her mother. They
belong to an ancient Christian family, based out of Kochi. After marriage ,her
mother really wished for a boy child. But it happened to be a girl in the first
delivery. Second time also, god blessed her with a girl child. But she was too
passionate to have a boy. When she conceived for a third time, she kept the
heavens busy with her intercession and prayers.

With all preparations and anticipations, she was hospitalized. Due to some medical
complications, a surgery had to be performed. And finally she gave birth to her
third child. When she got into senses, she enquired on her child. Bringing immense
happiness to her, nurses congratulated her for delivering a boy child. They said the
baby was in kept in special care due to some minor issues. In fact the family and
hospital staff didn’t want to immediately give her a shock saying it’s again a girl child
for the third time. But a nurse in night duty, who was not aware of all this context,
corrected her understanding and told it’s a baby girl that she gave birth to. In the
very next instant, the mother said goodbye to the world and her newborn. Her delicate
heart surrendered miserably before a cardiac arrest.

My fellow travel mate seems to be the unfortunate newborn, and family called her ‘Rose’.
Always the family loved her. On her mother’s 13th death anniversary, when she was coming
out of the cemetery gate after prayers, she heard someone wishing ‘Happy B’day Rose’.
Immediately came a shocking comment from a distant old relative, ‘She came killing her
mother’. Rose was too delicate. Like petals falling off a wilted rose, tears rolled down
and drenched her little cheeks in agony. That night she tested the strength of her blood
vessels with a knife. “Yes, it was a sharp knife”, she says “but not as sharp as my mother’s
prayers from heaven”. Rose is back to life after few days in hospital. And the scar on her
hand, is her mother living along.

Good Bye Rose….We will meet again. When undue expectations triggers heartaches, we will
come to your mother’s graveyard. Be there as a reminder. Bloom then in abundance and tell
us your story. Love you lots…