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Author      :  ANNIE MOSES
Email        :  ann@technopark.org


I was drooling through my past,

It was so nice and so cozy;

The days I went with my friends

to different places I love;

I really miss those days, were

I had nothing to worry about,

or nothing to be thought off;

Such a free minded days of gay

Where I still am a little kid

waiting for its turn to come;

Those were my favourite days in life.

I really miss the fun I had

with the friends and foes around

Where there was no difference of

being a Girl or a Boy

Now when I look back to my past,

I regret the steps I have taken

in my life to succeed in the game;

It was all a wrong move

which I had taken for the future.

There is no way out from this place

of mystery and hardships, sorrow & hatred

I now realize what a wonderful world it was

which I left behind, in the want of betterment.

and I now feel how sad it is to be

a partner of a person, who does not

touch your soul or give you a gaze

of love and hope

I have read in my childhood

the fairy tales of Prince and Princess

whom I personified into my own life

All that which shattered as I got into

the wedlock of a man who had nothing

but blind love and hatred for me

I still see those days when I used to play

and gather around mango trees to collect the

fallen mangoes and to throw stones at those

mangoes which hesitated to fall.

Let those days come to me with the small

hope in my mind with a little boy who is seeing

everything through my eyes. My little

boy who is with his vide eyes, see the world

which has so much to offer

Let this be a good start for him

Let this world be a shower of blessing

To him who is as innocent like a due

In the early morning Sun light.

Let this world be a promise for

his young and innocent soul.

I feel the peace inside me

For the hope of future.