“How safe are we in & around Technopark?”


Violence against women is perhaps the most shameful human rights violation, and it is perhaps the most pervasive.Safety is a feeling of security and protection, which encourages greater mobility as well as protection from sudden and harmful disruption in the pattern of daily life .In spite of all the positive indices of better quality of life, Kerala is ranked high in crime and violence against women..


1. What do you mean by safety in public places and how do women feel safe in such places? How can we improve the safety of women in public places?

2. Is there any location in or nearby Technopark which is potentially unsafe? Why? What should be done to make the unsafe places safe (better infrastructure, societal support, better services)?

3. Have you ever experienced any unforeseen incidents? Whom did you approach during such a situation? What was their response? If you have not been in such a situation yet, whom would you approach for help if you face harassment?

4. What kind of help you are expecting from the society?

Prathidhwani is doing a detailed survey among Technopark employees and going to publish the lack of security in & around Technopark if any exists. Please do comment on security issues which you have seen or heard or experienced and  suggestions in & around Technopark. The commenting section will be open till 10th January 2013.