I can be like that – Sreenil Raj

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Author     : Sreenil Raj
Company : RR Donnelley
Email        : sreenil.r.vs@rrd.com

                                                                                    I can be like that

It was not yet 07.30 AM and why  my mobile alarm ringing? I took the mobile with

half opened eyes and was shocked, Managerrrrrrr calling

IPLC link had failed and Trivandrum  isolated from communication.

He requested me

Sreenil, Can you please go to office now?

It was 6.30 AM , I felt jealous with my roommate as he is sleeping calmly.I thought to kick him to disturb his sleep.

Some how without my knowledge the problem got rectified and I became the hero. I

was laughing in mind while manager was telling to explain the trouble shooting

method in the coming knowledge sharing session.

That day we had a client visit.

I tied a tie with the help of my colleague. He was doing it as a routine because I don’t

know to tie a tie. My breath got stopped for few seconds when he made it tight. I thought that he did it intentionally.

They came to our cabin also. Mr. Tom tried to pronounce my name and found it very difficult.

He was from a poor family and started his carrier as a data entry operator. Now he became the MD of the company. He had faced a lot of challenges and difficulties throughout his life to reach at this stage. He overcame all the crucial situations and achieved success in life. He has a loving wife “Julie” at home. They had met at a bus stop .It was beneath a tree with full of violet flowers. He used to catch bus from there to reach office. That was Julie’s journey to his life.

I was hearing all the words .Tom’s face was in red colour like a raising sun when he was telling about his past. He told that he was a normal person but loved his job and worked hard to make his ambitions true.

While having lunch at the cafeteria my mind was full of the echoes of his words. I

asked myself. Can I be like that?

I left office by 09.30 PM after saying good night to colleagues and friends.

I was waiting in front of Trivandrum Thejaswini building for techno park express bus.

One girl came and asked about the time of the bus which I was waiting for. I told her

that it comes at 9.35.We sat together in the bus as all other seats were occupied. I just looked back through the window to the place where I stood.

It was beneath a tree with full of violet flowers.

Suddenly Tom’s words came to my mind, I asked myself .Can I be like that?…..

I just whispered at her ears “I love both you and my job, so I can be like that”.

She got confused and looked at me with a smiling face…..