I…care? – Shahrukh Buland Iqbal

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Author     :   Shahrukh Buland Iqbal
Company :  IBS Software Services
Email       :   Shahrukh.iqbal@ibsplc.com


By the rise of mushroom clouds in Twilight,

I wonder, does darkness travel faster than light?

We have Technology that could enrich our wealth and health,

I hope, a day doesn’t come when Missiles would be stealth;

Masks of virtues, hiding visage of hypocrisy,

Which is better…Dictatorship or Democracy?

Perennial have become flowing blood streams,

True reflection of nefarious political schemes;

Oh! The mediocrity over oil Wells,

By definition, who are the rebels?

Who is David, who is Goliath, my conscience can’t tell,

Is that the same land where once prophets used to dwell?

The Tablet said, “Thou shalt not Kill”

Obvious commandment, since we all have free will,

Praise the lord for religion is not a man,

This notion has already killed more than Bullets can;

The above lines might reflect sheer nihilism,

But my intention was to nurture some altruism,

Do contemplate in your moments to spare,

That if I do, why do I care? Why do I…care?