In Love With you – Prince Prakashan

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Author      :  Prince Prakashan
Company :  Allianz Cornhill Information Services
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In Love With you

Am not a poet & am not a rapper

I was not sure wat to write on this paper

I asked ma friend, could you?

But she said, if it’s for that someone,

Better I do.

So here I am doin the not so guy thing

Thinking of words to express my feeling,

I found out its not that easy

& of course, it mite look very cheesy.

But its not for everyone I do like this

That in itself makes you special, if

You get that miss!

What makes you special I have been thinking?

I guess that does not need any reasoning.

Cos reasons are temporary they come and go

Just like the seasons; summer, autumn, rains & snow.

So without further a do

Lemme say this to you

Lately, I have been thinking about you,

If the feel of comfort is love

If feeling like talking to you is love

If making you happy is love

& if the feeling of “I wanna be with you” stands all above

Yes, it is true

I have indeed fallen in love with you!