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On its way to becoming capital city’s IT-hub ‘Kazhakoottam’ is gaining attention from across the globe. With its share of IT parks and North-Indian diaspora, Kazhakoottam is zooming its way towards development at high speed.

However, earlier, being far away from the city, with not many facilities available at hand, Kazhakoottam did pose many a threat to its newcomers.  Mohanakrishnan, an advertising professional who faced similar issues when he moved to Kazhakoottam, decided to put an end to those dilemmas by starting a website, kazhakoottam.com.

Mohanakrishnan, who works in an IT company in Technopark, prefers to divert his creative energy to an advertising label ‘theantz.co.in’.  So under the theantz banner, he collected data from in and around Kazhakoottam that would help those who are new to the area to easily access basic amenities, including puncture shops to ‘thattukadas’ in Kazhakoottam.

“75 percent of the Kazhakoottam population is non-Keralites. So keeping them in mind, we  approached each and every vendor, plumber and electrician from the area for their information to be included in the site. Some of them complied some didn’t. We have included those who were interested. Some gave small remunerations others haven’t, but we have no complaints,” says Mohanakrishnan.

The site’s daily visitors include, North-Indians who are on the look-out for a chilling place in the ‘non-happening’ Thiruvananthapuram to the wives of techies’ who need an occasional touch-up from a good beauty parlour. The site not only talks about Kazhakoottam but also has links that could lead to real estate enquiries to houseboat details.

For those who are new to the area, they can easily browse through just to know about cinemas to restaurants.

Mohanakrishnan, who has about 15 websites to his credit, is quite passionate about this particular website.  “I have had foreigners who have come to the city for the first time checking out my site and commenting on how useful it was. That is exactly what our intention was when we started it. And for those who want to catch a movie, they can always visit the Krishna theatre site from our site and even book tickets,” he says.

The website which was launched a year back became quite popular in the last four months with many thousand hits to its credit.

About his future projects Mohanakrishnan says, he has also launched a site on Guruvayur and its real-estate information.

“I am planning to make Guruvayur site more user-friendly. Kazhakoottam.com will see more add-ons for the users with information about tourist destinations and many others,” says Mohanakrishnan