Koodiyattom Workshop and Performance by NATANA

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Koodiyattom Workshop by Natana

Natana is now back with a workshop on Koodiyattom at Technopark on the end of this month, that is, on 31 May, 2012, after a phenomenal response to their Kathakali performance back in June 2011. Now, the idea was conceptualized by Mr. Harikrishnan Krishnakumar who is a Quality Analyst with Allianz, Technopark. The workshop will be lead by Guru Kalamandalam Girija Devi & Kalamandalam Kanaka Kumar.

The workshop covers areas of acting through Mudras, gestures and body movements (ilakiyattom and Pakarnattom), the Navarasas (9 expressions), different types of dance movements and an introduction to Ahaarya (Costume and Makeup) along with Aniyara Parichayam (Green Room). This will be followed by a Koodiyattom performance.

Koodiyattom, which literally means acting together, is a dramatic representation in Sanskrit, mostly of Hindu mythologies. This art form used to be much in vogue in the temples of Kerala and most temples had a huge theater / stage called the Koothambalam where regular performances of Koodiyattom took place. Role playing in Koodiyattom includes stylized form of vocal recitation coupled with a complete hand-gesture language and highly evocative facial expressions.

Program Schedule 

Koodiyattom Workshop and Jatayuvadhangam Koodiyattom 

5.00 PM to 6.00 PM 
Koodiyattom workshop

Lead by Guru Kalamandalam Girija Devi & Kalamandalam Kanaka Kumar
Conceptualized by: Harikrishnan Krishnakumar

6.30 PM to 8.00 PM
Jatayuvadhangam Koodiyattom

Ravanan – Sri .Kalamandalam Raveendran
Jatayu – Sri Kalamandalam Kanaka Kumar
Seetha – Kumari. Kalamandalam Vijitha
Soothan – Sri. Kalamandalm Sohan
Mizhavu – Sri. Kalamandalam Ramanunni
Sri. Kalamandalam Sajikumar
Edakka – Sri. Harikrishnan K
Thalam – Guru Kalamandalam Girija Devi
Chutti and Aniyara – Sri. Kalamandalam Nikhil
Sri. Kalamandalam Ramith
Sri. Margi Sreejith