Life… it is!!! – Sharon Afra D’couth

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Author      : Sharon Afra D’couth
Company : Allianz

Life… it is!!!

Every girl has a dream guy,
Someone who believes in her,someone who doesn’t lie,
A guy with whom she wants to walk a mile longer,
As time flies by, their love grows stronger.

People say weddings are bonded by a vow,
Their differences doesn’t matter somehow,
One doesn’t wait for another to show their love,
They both know that the right time for it is now.

A relationship bonded and moulded in trust,
Where nothing else matters, caste,creed nor lust,
Situations in life might put your love to test,
There understanding and compromise is a must.

Your better half might have with you a strife,
But remember,words can be stronger than a knife,
The creator made you husband and wife,
Not to fight,but to live as one and lead a happy life.

Your life is your fight
Not a joy ride, where you sit tight,
A battle where you do what is right,
At times fail,you might.

Long or short,the journey is worth it,
The fire inside you need to be lit,
In the beginning you might not be able to take a hit,
But eventually we all make ourselves fit.

We all complain about problems coming one after another,
But don’t worry,we are all in this together,
Situations in life are sometimes like weather,
Trust in GOD,there is success ahead and you’ll feel like a feather.

Someday you will look back and say,
Did I worry about those problems as light as hay,
But by then your hair would have turned grey,
Should we not be happy about life and what we have for today.

Today is a gift,
Unlike yesterday which has nothing left,
And tomorrow where you might have a drift,
You’re just a traveller here,awaiting a lift.

Why do we all have so much to worry,
Spending our life always in a hurry,
Look around,enjoy the beauty and be merry,
If not someday you’ll feel sorry.