Little Hearts – Samith C

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Author      : Samith C
Company : Navigant

Little Hearts

Woke up from a deep sleep rubbing my eyes I looked around me, everything around me wasn’t familiar. I recalled; yesterday night I was in bus to go home, so probably I should be at home, but there were no framed childhood photos, colorful paintings; more over I couldn’t hear my mom’s scream to wake me up. So the answer was too clear “Where I am not home at all”. The bed spreads were white and I could smell the dettol..!! Am I at hospital?? I was shocked, moved my legs with extreme care, yes I can, I did the same with each body part, yes all works fine still my entire body felt a pain from inside. I failed to recognize the reason why I was there. The room was occupied with a vacant bed, a mineral water bottle and so on… I wanted to ask someone who took me there and why? But there were no one around to answer all those questions running in my mind so I started recalling from last day evening.

I was sitting at Shanti nagar bus station, Bangalore, I took mobile from pocket and started checking my Whatsapp then I noticed low battery percentage, time was just 7:00 pm, it was sure that I was unable to use the mobile more than an hour. So my eyes started searching for a charging point, I found some but all were filled with Laptop and mobile chargers, still almost an hour for bus to come so I thought of charging it from laptop, but I didn’t have data cable, I looked at a girl she was sitting next me, she was using a Micro max mobile. I managed to ask her whether she has data cable. Her answer was a rude “No” that made me to think about my question, did I ask “will you marry me?” the way she frown at me was like that [she might be trying to hide her fear in her anger], last chance to fill my mobile’s stomach also went for a toss.

It was almost 8:00 PM I received a message from KSRTC with bus number, I got into bus and made myself comfortable in seat number 15. I switched off my mobile by cursing myself for carelessness of missing data cable at room. I started observing outside to kill the time, suddenly I notice a cute girl of around 3 years old; her hairs were tied like two horns on her head, she had become my time pass till someone took my attention by calling me from behind. It was a young girl, she was wearing jeans with sky blue top hems of the top were cut like waves, and there was a lot of cloth below the neck all together it looked like the tailor had made all his experiments on her top. Her eyebrows were nicely cropped and her eyes told me she is too tired. I looked into her eyes to know why did she call me, she continued, “Can u please take your bag from this seat?” that made me realize that I had kept my bag on adjacent seat! I took it and kept on my lap. She settle at her seat and made herself comfortable.

Bus started from Shanti nagar, I usually talk to the people who sits beside me, but I was feeling really uncomfortable to talk this girl, I didn’t know what she was going to think about me, I was looking at her in particular time intervals. She was in her own world with a packet of ‘little hearts’ and a mobile. I wanted to start the conversation, but thousand questions came into my mind. What would she think about me? Which language do I choose? And on top of all these questions she was the girl who gave a graceless look an hour back! Bus reached the Satellite Bus station, I requested her to give me a way to come out of my seat at that time the last little heart biscuit was in her hand. She gave me a way and threw the empty packet though the window.

I came back to seat with a bottle of water and a ‘Little Hearts’ packet. I opened the packet and lead towards her, she rejected it by replying thanks for offering. Bus started moving, that thickest silent wall had broken by her question “your mobile is switched off?” I replied with a casual no and asked about her mobile status, I didn’t want to stop the conversation. Her answer was quite a long, it includes what time she charged, what is her battery percentage, in which level it discharge and what time she may need to charge it again… that answer looked like an entire analysis report of her mobile battery and she sounds like a battery saver application developer it was starting point of our talk.

At some point I felt her fully charged mobile was going disturb our conversation. But I loved her mobile network for providing a bad coverage while traveling. She kept her phone in her bag and started talking to me. We started with our professional life and end with our personal life. If you ask what we shared in between, the answer might contain two autobiographies. I can tell you that she was an unmarried 21 years old girl who came to Bangalore for her engineering studies. If I can tell her age, you can guess the depth of our conversation. I was too tired that day, and had symptoms of fever too. We had a long talk till mid night I don’t remember when I fell asleep but we became good friends by the time.

Then? Rest of the story still hidden for me. How did I come here? That brain warming thoughts broke by the entry of a girl. I knew her; my brain didn’t take much time to recollect the face, she was the girl who can answer all my questions running in my mind, yes she is the girl I was talking about. She came and sat near me, I was looking at her expecting the rest of the part of my story.

She narrated what had happened last night, I was unconscious in the morning due to high temperature and she took me to the hospital. She went a little and informed my parents and they would be reaching in few minutes. I was really surprised to hear the entire incident, I really felt good for the girl who took care of me in such a critical situation. I felt like asking her “Could you care me in my entire life?” – But then I felt it would be a bad approach to a girl who took care of me just a few hours friendship. But at the end of my curiosity I asked her “Why did you take me to the hospital?” Her answer was surprising and it seems like the answer for the question which was hidden in my heart “I care for you, not today till the end”.