LIVE TODAY, HOPE FOR TOMORROW – Harinarayanan Rama Iyer

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Author     :   Harinarayanan Rama Iyer
Company :   UST Global
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The first rays of sun rips off the unscathed darkness

And I start off my journey across the lengthy aisle.

The sweet smell of dew stemming from the leaves

Takes away my weariness of the previous night.

The tiny little sparrows chirp and fly around

With the flocks of sheep grazing along the fields.

The church bells down the valley chime the musical choir

And the peasants start off the day with their usual jingle.

I walk along the meadows gazing at these splendors

And savoring the berries that hang from the little trees.

Noon turns up and the sun shines at its zenith

And I get under a tree to settle down in its shade.

I munch the flavored loaves that I carry with me

And relish the sweet water that flows down the stream.

Evening takes the heat away from the radiant sun

And I keep on walking along the lush green land.

The dull dusk arrives and the birds fly around

In a frantic drive to settle down in their nests.

Night arrives bringing along the darkness

Carrying with it the tranquil sound of silence.

I lie down calm in the comfort of Mother Nature

Gazing at the stars that adorn the lucid skies.

Slowly do I slip off into profound slumber

Relishing the memories of today and hopes of tomorrow.