Master Storyteller – Dharesh Narayanan Nair

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Author     :   Dharesh Narayanan Nair
Company :  Tata Consultancy Services Limited
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Master Storyteller

From the shores that gave flight to a faith
You gave fuel to the nation with many a faith

Fire to not just the creations transcending skies
But fire to ignite and inspire many a different minds

Words and deeds that interlinked the different beliefs
Rooted in the ancient values to thoughts of futuristic paradigms

Changed not he, with the seat given
But Changed he many, with his given wisdom

Weaving stories with a silvery script
For everyone was a child to him and he a storyteller.

Generations with you left to wonder
Generations to come will ponder

Oh you with the twinkling eyes,
Will see you sparkling in the skies