Memorandum to Chief Minister Sri Pinarayi Vijayan for Welfare of IT Employees

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Sri Pinarayi Vijayan
Honorable Chief Minister, Kerala

Dear Sir,

We are sharing the suggestion points for your consideration that Prathidhwani, the Socio – Cultural & Welfare organization of IT employees has come up with based on the discussions we had with IT employees. We understand that the number of employees working in IT sector in Kerala crosses the number of one lakh. Also, if you look at the growth of IT sector it is bound to increase in future. The contribution that IT employees’ provide is high both in terms of tax and software import.

Since it’s an unorganized sector, there is a misunderstanding that all the IT employees earn a high salaried figure – due to this there have been no welfare plans for job security in this sector. As you know, the Indian IT sector is fully dependent on the global developments, hence all the international crisis has a consequence on the IT employees. Also, lawfully companies can lay off the employees anytime. Further, this is the only sector where the job security decreases with experience and the average lifetime of our job duration are around 20 years now. For employees who lose their jobs, we will need to plan long term on protecting them financially and securing the job in IT or other sectors. For this, we would need welfare plans to implemented in IT sector similar to those we have in other sectors. Prathidhwani sincerely requests that Kerala should start implementing the same as an example to other states.

For the same, we are highlighting some of our suggestions below:

1. A welfare board for IT employees named as Social Security board – IT employees are now paying a contribution to the existing Kerala Shops and Commercial Establishments, But this is not particular to IT employees. Considering the unique issues that exist in this sector we would require a separate board to be created for the IT employees. (Further, there should be an increase in the employee and employer contribution which is suited to this sector. The pension age also should be changed from 60 years. Security to be provided for job loss in terms of loan or insurance or financial help. the member benefits on welfare board to be increased based on the employee contribution

2. Schemes such as National Pension Scheme should be made mandatory for all the permanent employees in this sector. State Government can also take the initiative to start unique pension schemes for the private sector.

3. Improve Gratuity Plans: Unlike the public sectors and other traditional sectors, in IT sector employees tend to witch companies faster for better prospects. Thus, the condition of staying in one particular company for longer duration should be changed for It employees.

4. The IT committee which was formed in 2008 November to resolve the job issues in IT sector should be revived by including the IT employees also as part of the committee.

Prathidhwani has been working towards cultural and social programs aimed at the welfare of IT employees since 2012.

Yours faithfully,

Prathidhwani, Technopark

Chief Minister ensured us, he will check the request in detail and government will consider the demands we mentioned in the request. Prathidhwani President Vineeth Chandran, Prathidhwani Secretary Rajeev Krishnan, Treasurer Raneesh A R, Vice President Magi Y V, Sreejith Kenoth, Athira N Raj were in the Prathidhwani delegation.

On the same occasion We, Prathidhwani – the Socio Cultural& Welfare Organisation of IT Employees, has submitted the prepared suggestions in the context of the murder of Rasila Raju at Infosys Campus, Pune for avoiding such incidents in future and for ensuring the safety of IT employees in Kerala. Adequate safety measures and safe transportation, Regular and effective police patrolling mechanism in IT parks and nearby areas, Strict and Proper handling of moral policing, 10. Increase the time of Pink Patrolling up to 10 pm, CCTV cameras in all main streets/areas nearby IT parks etc were the main suggestions. Woman Police Officer at Kazhakkoottam, strict background verification etc are the main suggestions.