Monotony – Vandana R.A

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Author     :   Vandana R.A
Company :   Infosys
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‘Monotony!’, her name thou know,
In the graveyard’s song, does her valour flow
Clothed in night, the slumber’s slave
Vigour that battles your vibrance brave..
Dare not her – in youthful spree
Inebriated, you may trust
Spare her not a moment free-
For death- she’d claim for peaceful rest.
Nature’s girl, the outcast soul
The kid who knew but broken beats
Dance did she, in heaven’s glee
Though passers by but did just flee.
Roses bloomed but in her path-
Though she saw none- but barren glares
Senseless were their heartstrings all,
Hence she hid – still never shares..
The little girl – the scared maiden
Whom fire did wet and hailstorms burn..
In her soulful songs and muffled wails-
Languour, did they find – and frown!
In death, her valour zestless lie
Wingless true, but still a bird..
In fearful dreams, she too shall fly
Staggered, but the breeze shall smile.
Monotony! But Nature’s rule
All mirth and grief – thou hold in thee
Lifeless are thy fingertips
Yet soothe thou but my endless woe
Fuel art thou, with fire within..
Monotony! Thou Patience’s child!
Mask not thou your passion true,
Fly above, you winged bird…!