Nature’s Fall – Sajita Renoy

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Author      :   Sajita Renoy
Company :   UST global Pvt LTD
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Nature’s Fall 

 (A remembrance to 1999 Odisha Cyclone)

I still can’t forget the night

Which left nature in that plight

It was raining the whole day

Indicating signs that got to be paid

The winds slowly creeped at steady pace

And the rains stopped at place

All through the night and into the early morning

She kicked up her heels, laughing and roaring

The air rattled the windows shaking our nerves

Taking its direction in various turns and curves

When the dawn finally came and sky was calm

The earth had already lost all her charms

Trees that once touched the sky

Lay down scattered, no longer alive

Uprooted, twisted and mangled

Hence left the power lines broken and tangled.

Houses were shaken and roofs blown away

Leaving many homeless and stray

Piles of debris studded the ground

Scattering Livestock and no longer found

Chaos were seen all around

Rescue teams being sent to support and pile  dead bodies and mound

Grief and sorrow reflected in all

Making even the rich fall

Thousands of lives who breathe the day before

Now being dug out of heap, cold and sore

Food is sour and poor, once was rich and surplus to devour

Turning the day to blackness with each of its passing hour

Many days had to be pushed and passed

To regain the loss nature have had

Was it a sign of God’s wrath?

To teach Humanity the right path