Call to focus on ‘social innovation’


On the last day of the three-day technology exposition TecX13 organised by C-DAC on its Technopark campus, Satish Babu, director, ICFOSS, delivered a talk as part of Technology Day. He said that ‘Social Innovation’ is the main focus needed in future to cater to the needs of people.

“Technologists should target the common man and start thinking about innovative ideas to provide support. A simple innovation can make a great impact. In Manila, slums are so tight that at noon time also it is difficult to get light inside. A novel idea of using bottles filled with water and lime in such a way that half of the bottle popped outside the roof brought in enough light inside the room. It is time that we go ahead with innovations which can help people,” he said.

A seminar on ‘Technology Trends and Directions for Future’ was also held at TecX13, the objective of which was to think aloud on the directions of technology evolution and the impact it would create in future. Eminent technologists from various fields gave their views and perceptions. Dr M P Sebastian, Professor, Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode talked about big data management, which will be the challenge in near future.

Achuthsankar S Nair, Head, Department of Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, Kerala University, suggested management of big data using biological means, such as genome-based systems.

While N T Nair, Chief Editor, ‘Executive Knowledge Lines’, stressed on the transportation mechanism in future and spoke about the disruptive technologies.

K Purushothaman, Senior Director, NASSCOM, pointed out that the market dynamics are changing. “There is a decisive shift in the economic, demographic and psychographic indicators. The economic turbulence in the form of financial crisis is very much evident, the drastic changes in demographic and psychographic indicators of consumers are not apparent to a larger audience,” he said.

He said in the era of an empowered consumer who has choices, he will come with a number of expectations. “Role of technology will have to be looked at from a totally different context as a demand driver and synthesizer. To cater to today’s tech-savvy digital consumers, enterprises will have to redesign their IT delivery mechanism and leverage various disruptive technologies,” he said.

He said technologies are taking the centre stage in some of the leading enterprises of today and are likely to have the maximum impact on the way traditional markets were behaving. “Understanding these technologies and the way these are being used by some of the leading enterprises worldwide becomes imperative. Enterprises need to recognise the prospect big data represents and should adapt their IT strategy to capture such opportunities, he said.