Coinciding with ONAM, Khadi Exhibition and Sale on Sept 9th, Monday @ Bhavani,Technopark.



  • Khadi and Sustainability go hand in you know why?

o   It is more green as khadi products are  produced locally and causes very less transport emission.

o   Khadi produces are product of local communities, so buying a khadi product – we are supporting decentralized livelihood.

o   Father of Our Nation Gandhiji, has called for increased Khadi consumption for economic wellbeing of  our nation


Coinciding with ONAM , we @GRASSRoutes, Infosys brings IN, Khadi Products for you

This is in collaboration with Khadi and Village Industries Department, Govt of Kerala


Sept 9th, Monday @ STP infront of Bhavani,Technopark.


Kindly visit Khadi Exhibition and Sale -> Support the cause and make a difference!