Fraud in Bhavani, Technopark

Yesterday morning ( 6th June 2012) one lady came in front  of Bhavani building with bleeding nose and explained that she is a cancer patient and she need some financial help . She told she is coming from RCC, Trivandrum. The address in her RCC card was “ Sneha, Kattakkal Veedu, Kattakkada”.

 She told she got help from some other building earlier, one week back.  Some kind hearted people in UST and Infosys helped her by giving some contribution. She managed to collect more than 5000 rupees from here itself.  I too involved in collecting some contribution to her. She given a mobile number 9048415152 for contacting her.  Later in evening, we came to know that this is a fraud . The mobile number rang  yesterday many times but today the mobile number is switched off.   A detailed news came regarding this fraud in “ Christian  Deepika”  May edition.

 The outpatient card was fake and it’s a card of patient “ Sneha” who passed away earlier.  She reached inside technopark through the VOLVO service and when we asked her how you came in, she replied that she took entry pass from the gate.  Within one hour she left the technopark campus in another bus.

Please inform Technopark authorities or POLICE if you found this girl in the below news here in Technopark.

 Please find below the news came in “ Christian  Deepika”  May edition.



Rajeev Krishnan G R

UST Global