New google play Developer Console

In an attempt to improve the Android developer experience, Google had opened the doors of its new Google Play Developer Console to developers, where they know everything about their app ranging from user reviews to market performance.

Despite the stories about fragmentation and slow reach of updates to customers, Google has been trying hard to improve the Android platform and with the latest refreshing, developers can submit, manage and modify their apps in an easy way.

According to Google’s blog post addressing the developer community, “you will see new statistics about your user ratings: a graph showing changes over time, for both the all-time average user rating and new user ratings that come in on a certain day. As with other statistics, you’ll be able to break down the data by device, country, language, carrier, Android version, and app version.” Along with it, the new developers console has a new streamlined publishing flow and new language options.

Even though Apple has more number of active and well-paid developers, with these refreshing updates, Google is playing its trump card- the hundreds of millions of Android customers and delivering them beautiful apps that delight.