Prathidhwani 7’s – knockout stage will end tomorrow and League matches will start on Sunday


8 more matches are remaining in the knockout stage which will be completed on the Day 3 (23/05/2015).

From day 4(24/05/2015) the league matches will start.

Please see below the fixtures

Match Day 3 (Saturday, 23rd May 2015 )

M17 KO 17 23-May 6.30 AM RevenueMed Vs CYBOSOL
M18 KO 18 23-May 7.30 AM QuEST Vs Zafin Labs
M19 KO 19 23-May 8.30 AM Allianz Blue Vs Thinkpalm
M20 KO 20 23-May 9.30 AM ORACLE Vs Virtus
M21 KO 21 23-May 2.30 PM Applexus Vs Allianz ThunerCatz
M22 KO 22 23-May 3.30 PM RRD Vs EY B
M23 KO 23 23-May 4.30 PM Qburst Vs Inapp
M24 KO 24 23-May 5.30 PM GES Infotek Vs EY A

Fixtures Group Stages

Match Day 4 (Sunday, 24th May 2015 )

M25 GS 1 24-May 6.30 AM EXENTA Vs Winner KO 17
M26 GS 2 24-May 7.30 AM Infosys Whites Vs Srishti
M27 GS 3 24-May 8.30 AM McFadyen Vs SunTec
M28 GS 4 24-May 9.30 AM TATA ELXSI A Vs ICON
M29 GS 5 24-May 2.30 PM RMESI Vs Winner KO21
M30 GS 6 24-May 3.30 PM Winner KO 19 Vs Winner KO 22
M31 GS 7 24-May 4.30 PM UST All Blacks Vs Winner KO 23
M32 GS 8 24-May 5.30 PM IBS Vs Winner KO24

We welcome all football lovers to technopark ground on Saturday and Sunday .