Request for passing Attingal and Varkala beach Volvos through technopark


How to reach technopark? – If you ask this question to any body in technopark, people will say. Reach Kazhakoottam/Karyavattom by public transport, then catch an auto to technopark.

Technopark , which is work place to 40,000 techies and about 5,000 other workers is biggest technopark in India and is an icon for kerala’s industrial flag. How about it’s transportation facilities, it is pathetic.
Work population is supposed to grow to 1,50,000 when Technopark phase 3 is fully occupied.What Public transportation technopark is planning?, it is unclear!. Current situation is technopark sees a big queue of cars and bikes in morning in technopark back gate and frontgate from 9-10am is a symptom of the bigger problem called failure of trustworthy public transportation in technopark.

Over crowded car parking space, traffic jams, vehicular pollution, man power to control traffic, accidents etc are side effects of this bigger problem. If you ask techies, they are actually forced to use cars due to lack of any trustworthy system.
Technopark express which is the biggest tool, which could be used in new circular route can fix this problem. One is Front Gate – Kazhakkoottam – Karyavattom – back gate – front gate Circular route in peak hours 8-11 am and 5-8 pm. Many proposals has been submitted to technopark authorities but to no avail. . A proposal has been submitted by Anoop Varghese on behalf of prathidhwani ,a socio cultural organization of technopark employees to sutharya keralam. reference number is 22389/2013.


The Volvo buses, which is coming from Trivandrum city comes to technopark , timing usually goes into disarray because of traffic snarls and restrictions in city. The peak hour travel in Volvo bus is just cattle class. There are attingal and varkala beach Volvos passing with less passengers, if they could be routed through technopark, it would be great. Same has been proposed by Anoop Varghese on behalf of prathidhwani a socio cultural organization of technopark employees to sutharya keralam.reference number is 19471/2013.