Startups to shape business from huts

A model of the proposed Open Innovation Space.
A model of the proposed Open Innovation Space.

Many major IT companies have taken birth in garages and shacks. The start-ups at the Technopark would also soon get a chance to shape up their business from huts. For, an Open Innovation Space (Open I Space) concept is being introduced at the park.

Open huts with wi-fi and plug and play facilities with four or five seats would be set up at the Technopark premises so that innovators could make use of such eco-friendly spaces to sit together and work.

Paucity of space for the 190 odd start-ups at the Technopark Technology Business Incubation Centre necessitated the new concept.

“Out of the 190 odd start-ups, we could not provide space to about 40.

Hence they remain as virtual. By setting up the innovation huts, we hope to provide a space for such firms to work,” said Technopark TBI managing director Dr. KC Chandrasekharan Nair.

Leading IT firms would be requested to sponsor each huts under the Open I Space. The huts would even be a motivation to youngsters to become innovators.

A data farm to provide high speed data connectivity to the small and medium firms is also being planned by T-TBI.