Technopark Bicycle Club is Back in Action

Athirup, founder of Technopark Bicycle Club (TBC), STPI, sponsor ACIS, Allianz and TechnoparkToday has re-launched the cycle club on Monday. TBC was introduced to the techies on December 2011, but due to theft and misuse the service was discontinued temporarily.

New terms and conditions have been implemented in the TBC registration process to avoid the mishaps that occurred earlier. An SMS regarding this has been sent to the already-registered members of TBC. Now, email registration has been made mandatory for the new registrants. Also, employee details, contact number, employment firm, and contact details of a family member or friends are needed for the registration.

TBC charges just Rs.2 per hour for availing the service. TBC works on an SMS-based system where the users can send an SMS to 9645511155 requesting for the service.  The users will get SMS replies on details of number lock, usage fee, etc.

TBC racks are available at several locations in Technopark – near Techno-mall, near car parking area at Nila, near the two-wheeler parking at Thejaswini and near the two-wheeler parking at Chandragiri.