GGSE Earth Day Celebrations: Free First Aid Training and Medical camp for Techies


Planting a sapling and saving a life counts equal. Both are to be weighed in a balance. On this earth day let us demonstrate both.  Dear Green lovers we need your support to Develop a social and eco friendly culture, which benefits every living thing. We youngsters should take the responsibility to build a safe, clean and green future.

Likewise the First Aid Training Programme arranged will help us to act spontaneously on emergency situations either for ourselves or to others. Live class regarding this is being arranged in Travancore hall at Parkcentre around 11.00 am. The training is given by IIEMS (Indian Institute of Emergency Medical Service). Also a medical camp is putup for all employees Nila Building. A green club counter is also being arranged to join us and make the move on our future events.

An event is arranged at Bhavani building around 11.00 am regarding the Replacement of plastic carry bags with jute bags. As a part of this you can bring a plastic bottle or a plastic bag and take home a Jute bag for free. Let us develop a culture of avoiding plastic bags in our day to day life.

You can write your green thoughts and ideas on the scribbling boards arranged at each building. Your ideas shall be pooled together for our future events.

Gifting a sapling on a special occasion is what GGSE suggest for the green lovers. For materializing this free sapling distribution done at Bhavani, Nila and Thejaswani . In order to take part Join the Green Club at

“Prevention is better than cure” this is a well said proverb so spare the earth, aid it by planting a sapling and mark your contribution to the planet.. Let us together to prevent deforestation and make earth shine on green all over. Planting a sapling costs less than that you spend for. Plant a sapling and enjoy the growth of a tree planted by you definitely it worth more.

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