Prathidhwani representative for Railway Users Consultative Committee(DRUCC)

Prathidhwani representative for Railway Users Consultative Committee(DRUCC)


It’s a happy news that Prathidhwani executive member Mr. Shiva Shankar ( Allianz Cornhill) selected for the Railway Users Consultative Committee(DRUCC) of Southern railway. It’s a great recognition for Prathidhwani (Socio-Cultural Organisation of Technopark Employees) as we entered into an official committee of Indian Railway.  Same time we think it’s a vigilant responsibility too.  Thanks for Divisional Railway Manager Mr. Sunil Bajpai for fulfilling your assurance during last meeting with Prathidhwani members in July 2014.

First committee of Railway Users Consultative Committee(DRUCC) will be held on Tuesday, 18th Nov 2014 at 11am at DRM’s office. We planned  to raise technopark employees concerns and demands in this meeting.

We are attaching the present demands raised by Prathidhwani and please send email (

or give a call to Shiva Shankar ( 9995908630) if anything more to be included into the present demands.

Please see more news on prathidhwani’s intervention in more stops and facilities for Kazhakoottam railway station

Please the request given to DRM on 17th July 2014


Sri.Sunil Bajpai

Divisional Railway Manager

Southern Railway,

Thiruvananthapuram Division

Dear Sir,

Sub : More train stops to Kazhakoottam station and ticket reservation counter in Technopark

This is a gentle reminder to draw your attention to the necessity of more train stops at Kazhakoottam Railway station.

Technopark hosts over 290 IT and ITES companies employing over 45,000 IT professionals at present. TCS, Infosys, UST Global are about to complete their new huge buildings and around 25000 professionals will be added to current strength in near future.  Not adding the importance of VSSC, Kinfra, educational institutions, hospitals and other organisations nearby Kazhakoottam railway station.

We, Prathidhwani – Socio Cultural organization of Technopark is a very young organization in Technopark, started in April 2012.  We submitted our suggestion request with signatures to Rajesh Agarwal Sir during March 2013. Also as part of our technopark short film festival – ‘Qisa 2013’- we made one short film “Liberators” exclusively discussing the stop issue of Kazhakoottam railway station. Railway has been provided stoppage for seven express trains at the Kazhakuttam railway station from 25th Jan 2014 by considering the request from various sectors including technopark. We request to retain those 7 new stoppages as Kazhakoottam is an upcoming IT hub of India.

We, PRATHIDHWANI had given a new representation to you on 31st Jan 2014 regarding more train stops. We request you to consider stops for below trains @ Kazhakoottam station.


  1. 16341/16342 – Trivandrum-Guruvayur Intercity Express
  2. 16382/16381 -Kanyakumari-Mumbai CAPE Mumbai Express
  3. 16604/16603 -Trivandrum-Mangalore Maveli Express
  4. 16315/16316 -Kochuveli -Bangalore Express
  5. 12258/12257 – Kochuveli-Yeshwanthpur Express
  6. 12624/12623 – Trivandrum –Chennai –  Chennai Mail
  7. 12696/12695 – Trivandrum – Chennai – Chennai Express
  8. 12076/12075 -Trivandrum-Kozhikode JanShatabdi Express [Only on SUNDAY’s]
  9. 16302/16301 – Trivandrum – Shournur Venad Express [Only on SUNDAY’s]

 The third train [Maveli Express] would help the employees weekly commuting to northern part of Kerala

The Trains listed from 4 to 7 are connecting to main IT cities  and it would be helpful for employees working here from other states of India.  Now all Bangalore and Chennai buses are operating from Kazhakooottam only because of huge number of passengers to these cities.

We listed JanShatabdi Express & Venad only for SUNDAY’s as a huge number of employees are travelling back to Kazhakooottam in this train.

Also we request your kind attention in providing a reservation counter in Technopark and amnesties such as refresh rooms and vendor stalls in the station.

We once again thank you and railways for helping us live a better life.

Yours Sincerely,

Rajeev Krishnan

Secretary, “Prathidhwani”

Socio-Cultural Organisation of Technopark Employees