NO MORE WORLD WARS, LEADERS!!! – Reji Thomas Mathew

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Author : Reji Thomas Mathew
Company : IBS Software Services Private Limited
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No more world wars, leaders!!!

As the memory of the First World War
Takes us to nineteen fourteen July twenty eighth
Let us all stand together and say
No more world wars, leaders

Tens of thousands of innocent people were killed
And many more injured due to the causes they don’t know
Making the dreams and families of many shatter
What’s the benefit the leaders got?

Didn’t you hear the crying of tiny little ones?
Didn’t you see the fearful faces of godly humans?
To break is easy, but to make is tough
At least that, you should have thought

You can say that you didn’t have anyone
Like the Gandhi and Theresa to show the
Way of life without violence and with peace
Rather you thought you will win the world?

After years of battle, struggle, bloodshed, pain
You decided to stop the atrocity and cruelty
And said truce and never this again
And again it repeated after twenty five years

Now you have the nuclear technology
Instead of the conventional weapons
Now you have the biological viruses
To spread diseases world wide

Even now nations fight and quarrel
And make the life of normal ones miserable
Its high time we stop this ruthlessness
No more world wars, leaders