Oh… The Days.. – Abhilash Anandan

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Author      : Abhilash Anandan
Company : Techversant Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

Theme: Man Made Disasters – A Child’s View

Oh… The Days..

Oh… The Days..
Oh! I remember the days,
Those days of beauty and happiness,
How beautiful was my life?
A child, in his small, wonderful world!
I used to wonder, those buildings so tall
Those trees so green and calm
Methought; who could grow taller?
Man, it seemed was the obvious winner!
We moved on,
With ignorance and pride,
But, little did we know,
That Nature in store, had for us a blow!
As I went out, to my favourite spot,
The ocean seemed so mild,
I said goodbye to my orange friend,
And took my steps back home.
Happy at Home, there I sat,
And the Earth began to shake!
As I ran out, there I saw,
The Earth began to crack!
My once mild friend,
Took a raging mask,
Rising up so high,
More than five times my own five!
What went up so high,
Now stands so low,
Man’s pride and stone the same,
Now it was time, Nature takes over again!
And now I sit, looking at this shoot,
Hoping a new day would dawn,
Now, I lie, looking at the skies,
Hoping for, Oh! The days…